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What if sun disappear ..????.
Author name shubham deshmukh
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20 Mar 2018
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24 Mar 2018

Friday, May 15, 2020

passive income from home ( secret method ) 15k a month autopilot.


Are you upset about your current financial situation?
Are you looking for a a tested , proven ,  system that allows you to make passive income from home  on autopilot  and without any experience? 
Are you searching how to make real passive passive income from home  , but don't know where to start ?
If your answer is yes. 
congratulations then you are on right place.
See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar  passive income from home  blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today's article I am going to explain how to make 15k per month.

just by doing copy  paste work .

for this strategy to work , you want to work for 15 minutes daily.

But before i start

working harder and working smarter

imagine that you needed to move a big pile of rocks 

from one place to another there are two different ways that you

might think that you could possibly do .

one would be to grab the rocks in armfuls or handfuls and 

try to carry them from the one place to the other 

but on the other hand you could also rent an excavator and use a big machine to get the job done much more quickly and efficiently .

 this is just a little example of the difference between working harder and working smarter  .

and I think that you would agree that generally it's best to work smarter and not just harder .

we want to do both of these things of course 

but if there is an easier more efficient way  to get the same result 

then it makes sense to do that 

so that we can save time and potentially get bigger results .

Method overview 

What you need 

  • usually brain 
  • Hosting 
  • Domain name .
  • Cpa grip account 
  • Udemy account


I suggest you to purchase bluehost  hosting 

Want an honest Bluehost review? Well, I've been a paying Bluehost customer for over a year now

 and over that time I've spent quite a bit of money with their plans. 

Bluehost plans a start at $7.99 but if you use the links 

 you can get that price down to just $3.95 for your first term

Be aware that this price is only valid if you buy their plans for at least 3 years 

if you buy for a shorter period of time then  the price will be higher. 

When your plans expire and you need to renew ,  the renew prices will no longer be discounted, 

you will need to pay the full amount. So, in order to get the biggest discounts you need to buy for the longest amount of time on your first purchase.

And if you buy through my link  you will get 100

Domain name 

You will get domain name for free  from blue host .

how  to use my method 

So after you purchase domain name and hosting , create disclaimar page , contact us page .

What is udemy ? 

Getting an amazing education is a must! 

But going to classes and listening to boring teachers can be very painful and expensive..

Luckily we have the Internet, but it is so hard to find courses that are high-quality,

cheap, and easily accessible!

Not any more! thanks to.. udemy!

 udemy is THE online academy for YOU! 

At udemy you can find hundreds of great courses from world-class instructors 

You can learn stuff like: How to create awesome demo videos cheaply 

How to program in Python, Ruby or HTML How to start your own company

You will get everything on udemy . 

So after creating pages on your website .

We will go on , and we will copy courses ony-by-one and we will paste in our website.

and if course name is affiliate marketing 101 .

Then your article title should be download free affiliate marketing 101 course or get free affiliate marketing 101  

Example see here  

Now here is trick i make 15k a month . 

after pasting and writing article on website .

now  go on  

and create content locker 

And in  content locker you will put course download link . 

What is content locker ?

means a user need to complete certain task's  example survey's to get that file , which has locked and if you he complete task you will get paid .


If you lock ,  course download link in content locker and if any one who want that course and if he complete that offer you will get paid $ 1 to $10  .

 trick 2 

You can also apply for goggle adsence . 

This will be second best way to monetize  website .

These is proven method here is the proof 

My students are making 10 k a month 

Student 1 

Student 2 

Earning proof 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

ClickBank traffic method (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide


Lot's of the affiliate marketer is searching for a different platform to promote their affiliate product.

there are many ways to promote (Clickbank)affiliate products some are paid or free.

But this post is especially for beginners who not have money to spend on ads.

In this post, I am going to show you my personal, proven, free Facebook page affiliate marketing strategy.

So let's begin

But before I go in deep how this ClickBank traffic method  (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide  works 

I want to tell you that Facebook is the best platform to promote affiliate products.

because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

And with my Clickbank proven Facebook  page affiliate marketing strategy,

I am dam sure you will make at-least yes I said at-least 100 $ a day totally free ( if you take action ).

If you are beginner not having experience with affiliate marketing and not having money to spend on ads you can start using my method.

Also, don't worry I will show you step-by-step how this method work

ClickBank traffic method + Clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

ClickBank traffic method

First, we will create a Facebook page to promote affiliate products.

means we will promote our affiliate products using Facebook page

Don't worry i will show my secret hack how to get one  follower's in two day's. 

Facebook page secret proved, tested, trick, to increase 1000 followers in one day

we will use the power of the Facebook group to increase followers and likes.

first, come on the search and type your niche related keyword.

For example, let's take numerology.

after searching,  now join the group

so after joining Facebook groups and creating your Facebook page.

Facebook  page 

 Now upload an image on your Facebook page, 

this will not an ordinary image.

Here's my trick, to increase followers and likes.

(Tip use green colour or red colour for background) 

You want to upload a quiz image to your Facebook page.

my page is related to numerology, so I had created a Quiz image related to numerology

after uploading the image on the page 

then we will share this quiz image in Facebook groups.

and if you create an eye-catching quiz image, it will go viral and lot of people comment on it,  and easily in one day, you will get at-least 500 followers.

if you do it the right way

Facebook page SEO 

Tip one : your Facebook page name should be according to your niche.

This will help you to rank on Facebook search bar .

And gradually you will start getting organic traffic

Tip two : whenever you post anything on your page try to give keywords in your post description  also don't forget to give hashtag's .

Example if your niche is related to fitness : ,add keywords and hashtags related to fitness niche.

How Quiz image should be??

For example 

see above image Many members did not pay attention to this and gave wrong answers.

But some members paid attention and gave the correct answer.

This created confusion among the members.

This helps me because a lot of people will comment and like the post,  

and  you know, 

the more likes and comments mean Facebook will show my post to more people,

Now you can use this method in any niche, example health, numerology 

This is a proven method and my students are using this method and they have succeeded.

Here is the proof 

Proof 2 

ClickBank traffic method + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

this is the best way,  to promote affiliate products on Facebook and ,  to get quick success in affiliate marketing .

try this out , message me if you got success 

My proof  after using this ClickBank traffic method  (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

check this article : Adfly Review

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

PrizeRebel review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from PrizeRebel & my strategy


PrizeRebel Review

Do you want to make money with PrizeRebel Review?

See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today’s article, we’re gonna be talking about PrizeRebel Review

In this PrizeRebel review I have gave you a real inside look, and I will show you exactly how it works,

and I will also show you payment proof, so you can see that I have actually earned on this site myself.

The topic we will cover in PrizeRebel Review

  • What is PrizeRebel?
  • Is PrizeRebel safe?
  • How much can you make on PrizeRebel?
  • How long does PrizeRebel take to approve prizes?
  • prizerebel review reddit ?
  • prizerebel alternatives

What is PrizeRebel?

in case you don’t really know what it is – it is what is called a GPT like Get-Paid-To site,

because it offers several ways you can earn, it’s completely free to join, and there are no cost at all.

So it is a free way to earn, but you need to do it with the right expectations.

First I want to show you exactly how it works and what you can expect,

So let’s start with who can even join PrizeRebel,

because of course you need to make sure that any site you want to join is available in your country .

PrizeRebel is actually available in every country .

before i deep inside it how PrizeRebel work and how to use PrizeRebel .I want to show your payment proof,

I want to show my proof because after seeing this (proof) evidence you will believe that this website is legitimate

and so you will work more hard and make lot of money .

see the above image…..

you can see my current amount of points here, this is equivalent to almost $500.

It will certainly take some time and effort to see this kind of result.

See what you are thinking is not going to happen It`s not that you just join and then you get $500 right away,

it takes definitely time and effort to get there .

but it’s just to show you that you can actually get that.

Image 2.04

And I have also been paid out. And you can see above image My membership level – it is diamond,

Membership level

You can see the above image there are different types of membership levels. in that Diamond is the highest one

And you need to have a certain amount of points paid out before you can get that,

it’s actually more than 350 points you need to have been paid out to get that diamond level.

Here are some ways that you can make money from PrizeRebel

 surveys , offers , videos that’s the main ways to earn,

And surveys , offers , video it is common way to earn money you will see this on other website too.

Example : ysence , instantcg and many more

How to earn money from survey

the surveys that means can get paid to share your opinion

Offer wall

They also have the Offer Walls. If you did not use Offer walls on Get-Paid-To sites before, it is basically all types of offers

it can be to sign up for a free contest and you get some point here,

As you can see from the image above I first have to download the game and register and after doing all this i will get 213 points.

The important thing i want to tell you about these offer is that first you read the conditions.

Why I ask to read the condition Sometimes after downloading the app it says that you have to complete the quiz as well then only you will get points.

And that’s of course important to know and obviously the higher the reward the more you need to do.

So make sure to read those conditions, if you do the other walls.

And there are several offer walls And You can find some great offers on PrizeRebel

that can really boost your earnings, but please please make sure to read the conditions,

because not all offers are worth it, but they are definitely also some great offer wall on website and they will 1000% boost your earnings .


Second best and easy way to earn points on PrizeRebel is videos .

Yes you can earn points by watching videos and later you can convert the points into money

You will find many videos on different topics and you can watch all videos and earn points .

prizerebel review reddit ?

Let’s see what people are talking about prizerebel on reddit

prizerebel alternatives

so if you are looking for similar websites like prizerebel to make extra income .

The number one site i recommended is Swagbucks. don’t worry it is legitimate website and similar like instagc .

The number two site i recommended is PointsPrize . don’t worry it is also legitimate website and similar like instagc .

The number two site i recommended is GrabPoints . don’t worry it is also legitimate website and similar like prizerebel .

How much can you make on PrizeRebel?

Yes you can make money with PrizeRebel

Now you will ask me …shubham how much money i will make ….how much time it will take ?

The answer is that you will not make as much money on this website (for example you cannot make more than 100$ on this website).

because this type of website are not designed to make you
that much money

They can’t pay you more than 100$ because if they pay then they can’t make more money from their website

so you’re here right now and you’re like well shubham you know I’m not really here to make little money

My story

you know I’m here because I saw this online I’ve heard of surveys , offers wall

I don’t know how to make money on the internet and I want to learn how to do it .

When i started my online career

then you know I came online in 2015 and I literally had no idea how to make money on the internet

so I tried everything right I tried surveys I tried something called GPT websites

where you watch a video ads and you download offers and stuff like that

I’ve done affiliate marketing , I’ve done drop shipping ,I’ve done MLM

I’ve done Facebook webinars I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff right and for a long time I couldn’t figure out

how to get my business in profit so from 2015 to 2018 I was really struggling

I spent more than ten thousand dollars trying all sorts of stuff online okay

I could not figure it out for you know for the life of me could not figure out

how to get in profit every single month and

so what ended up happening was I ended up spending more than ten thousand dollars and went broke .

I had to rebuild my career and pin you know every night I would continue to come home from the office

and put money into my business and really trying to figure it out  .

and it wasn’t until 2019 that I finally had a breakthrough

and started to you know to generate real sales okay

but it wasn’t like I made you know a whole bunch of money like you know in one day

it took time initially I was making one sale a week and

then it was one sale every you know three days

and then I started making sales everyday and then I started making multiple sales a day

and then I started generating tens of thousands of dollars online .

My Secret Strategy

so what did i do differently from the first three years

that I was struggling on the internet .well it’s very simple okay

if you want to learn how to make real income on the internet

 it’s a real skill so number one you have to learn real marketing okay

number two it’s about having the right business model in order to make that income right now 

 there are a lot of different ways to make money online

but one of the best ways is through something called affiliate marketing

now affiliate marketing all it is you find a digital product

you find a group of people that want the digital product

and you join them together when you join them together you make a commission very very simple  .

How to learn affiliate marketing

Here is the best product to learn affiliate marketing

                              Click here 

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