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Sunday, July 21, 2019



Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Adfly Review 2019 how I make 100000 $ from adfly and my strategy and bonus


Adfly Review

Do you want to make money with Adfly?

See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today's article, we're gonna be talking about Adfly.

The topic we will cover in Adfly Review

  • What is Adfly?
  • adfly payout rates
  • Can you make money with Adfly?
  • How much does Adfly pay per click?
  • adfly app
  • Adfly bot
  • adfly alternatives

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What is Adfly?
Adfly Review
Adfly Review

Adfly is a Url shortening website. A website which in itself is a bad thing.

However in many cases especially in the Minecraft modding community.
adfly is used as an ad-filled gateway.

Put between the site where you click the link and the destination

For Example, I used adfly on my website, I embedded the link in the download button.

Which was just a shortened version of the MediaFire link. is designed to allow you to earn money online by sharing ad revenue earned by the company.

You just need to copy their short link and post it on your websites or on social media example facebook or Instagram.

And if somebody click's on it, It will redirect on an adfly advertisement website

Here they have to wait for a few second's after a few seconds they can click on the skip button.

And then, they can go to the website they're supposed to go.

Finally, you will earn money.

In this shortener, the link contains advertisements from advertisers.

Adfly is free to use. People on this website have earned more than $ 10000 million.

Adfly is a scam free website and makes payment in 24 hr. Some people already made a 100k dollar
from this website.

Adfly It is easy to use, just need to sign up become a member and then they can start earning by shortening their links and sharing them on social media.

Adfly payout rates

Adfly Review
Adfly Review 

I use the adfly network for many years.

As I told Adfly is a Pay per click network, where your audience clicks a link provided by you.

And adfly redirect on advertisement website where they want to wait for five seconds

And then revenue shared to the publisher depending on the number of clicks received for each link.

Adfly offers 15 dollars per 1000 views. But it depends on the country.

Example country like united states adfly offers 15 dollars per 1000 views.

But adfly changes her payout rate daily basis it is not permanent.

Its payout rates depend upon visitor location, number of clicks.

It minimum cash out is 5 dollar.

Which is easy to reach and you can withdrawal through PayPal, payza and Payoneer.

It pays monthly basis and adfly referral commission is very unique as compared to other URL shortener website.

Adfly pay per referral 20 % commission.

Adfly payment method and minimum withdrawal

  • Through Paypal, you can withdraw a minimum 5 $.
  • Through Payoneer, you can withdraw a minimum 10 $.
  • Through Payza, you can withdraw a minimum 5 $.

Adfly referral program

Adfly referral program is unique and eye-catching because it offer a 20 % commission.

If you refer to the advertiser you will get 5 % commission.

This kind of unique and eye-catching referral program you will not get anywhere.

Don't miss this opportunity to join now to start making money online.

Types of link

Desktop CSV

Interstitial ads: Interstitial ads are fullscreen ads that cover the entire interface on the website or host apps.

It shows for 5 sec.

Framed banner ads: these ads show on top of the website.

Mobile CPM

Interstitial ads: In this type of ads you will earn money ( it depends on the country ) per 1000 views on mobile phone but visitor needs to see ads at-least 5 sec.

Top banner: You will make money per 1000 impression form banner ads.

Raw and unique

Raw: average amount paid per 1000 view is updated in 24 hours.

Can you make money with Adfly?

Yes, you can make huge money with adfly.

I have already made 79,234$ totally free using adfly.

I will cover

  • Adfly account creation.
  • Tour on adfly.
  • Adfly link promotion.
Related post 1) grow facebook group 
                     2) facebook affiliate marketing strategy

So let's get started

Create an adfly account.

Open up your browser, and go to

If you have any trouble to access Adfly website. you can contact me.

Then click on Join now.

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Adfly Review
Adfly Review

Fill it with your details, like your name, email, password and so on,

Adfly Review
Adfly Review 

And in account type, we want to choose to link shrinker.

Once you are done doing all that, you gonna finally need to complete human check,

Complete human check and don't forget to check i agree.

Then click on join.

After clicking the join now they will send you a verification email. Open your email inbox and click on verify your email address.

And then you will get verified! So that’s it! Now you are successfully created your adfly account.

What inside adfly.

You know the link sharing is a very common thing among internet users.

Most of us share at least a couple of links online on a daily basis.

So my question is why don’t we take advantage of this and Share that link and get paid.

You don’t need to deviate from what you do normally. Instead, do some smart things with them to make your online time to money.

The first thing I like about Adfly is its interface.

Adfly has a very user-friendly interface.
Adfly Review
Adfly Review

This is the adfly dashboard.

On the dashboard the first thing you will notice, menu. Which contain some Quick links to home,

Referrals, Tools, Withdraw, forum, support etc.

And under that, there is a shrinking box!.

The place where you can shrink your links and below that you can see your earning and the performance graph, so that’s all.

how to create an Adfly link

What you need to do first you need a random link and once you have

Click inside and past the link and click on shrink button.

You will see the original link get shortened (See below image )

Promote the link and start making some money online.

However Adfly is a CPM or cost per mille based platform, and the CPM rate for each of us may differ in terms of certain things,

For example: From which country your links get most of the clicks and one of the good-paying
countries are

America, so try to target mostly the American audience, Anyway, you will get 1-10$ per thousand clicks.

How to promote the adfly link

You can create an account on blogger and start writing an article.

The example you can create a review on the software you can say

“Hey you can download this software for free, I will put the links below in the video description

So most the viewers will go there and click on the Adfly link.

And Make sure you viewers getting the right thing and they benefit from it and please do not spam, spamming will leads to account termination.

Method 2

Another way you can promote your adfly links on youtube.

You can comment on Youtube with these links, and make sure it is appropriate and relevant

Trust me the guy's this work.

You can post your links on! Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google plus,

And there are so many other social networking, forums and other sites on the internet.

You can use QUORA give an answer and at the end give your adfly link.

How much does Adfly pay per click?

I use AdFly for many years.

Adfly is a PPC network,

where your audience clicks on the link and redirects to a sponsor website were they want to wait for five seconds

And then revenue would generate depend's on the country and amount of click received from each link.

According to adfly Per 1000 click's you will get 15 $.

But the untold truth is

You will make money only when you target high tier country.

Usually, publishers get views anywhere all around the world and publisher earning depends on the country.

Adfly app

Adfly Review
Adfly Review

You can also download the adfly app from here.

Adfly app

Adfly bot my strategy and journey 100,000$ with adfly.

Let's see how to increase your Adfly account views using bots.

Step 1: Download bot from here

After downloading extract it.

Step 2: Download updated proxies 2019 click here

Using adfly bot you will make at least 100 $ a day for free.

Adfly alternative.

Adfly is the best way to make money online by shortening and sharing shorten link on social media.

Adfly is oldest and trusted the website and with a good payout and here are some best adfly alternative and much better than adfly.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Grow Facebook Group To 1000 People As A Beginner (any Niche)


Do you want to Grow Facebook Group fast?
See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today's article, we're gonna be talking about something that has been great for me and my business.

And is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding financially and personally things you can do for your business.

That is growing a big community on Facebook and Facebook group you can do this in any niche

In mine is mostly about SEO and Facebook marketing strategy

But you can do it whatever you want to do and it's really the rewards are just too big to ignore.

And if you're serious about growing your business and want to make passive income daily 200$ form free traffic check here

Complete tutorial 

And let's begin

Why grow facebook group?

Grow Facebook Group
Grow Facebook Group 

So before we get into how to grow facebook group and page and how I do it.

let's talk about why?

why should you grow facebook group?

There are tons of different article out there on google to talk to your audiences, your customers.

And people that are interested in your brand.

So why use a Facebook group well the first is it's very personal than email.

Most other social platforms because you connect interact personally one-on-one with the people in your group

And they can feel like they get to know you and trust you and like you.

Because of this you can sale a high ticket offer and you can make passive income.

Also, email marketing is still the best way to communicate with your audience.

And most marketing experts use their email to promote their high ticket offer.

Facebook group or page is the best way to promote the offers because you can make a connection with people by providing value.

Another reason is Facebook is where people hang out as the average person spends four hours a day on Facebook

And in my experience, you can reach people instantly so if you make a post
in your group depending on

How they have their settings set for the group they'll get notified instantly or they'll see it in their timeline.

And you can do it for any topic like I said.

My niche is SEO and internet marketing.

But you can do it in literally anything like there are some big ones on health, photography and much more.

You can make a group on any topic bring people together and then market to them.

Those are just a few of the reasons to grow a Facebook group
it's the most powerful and effective channel I've found to communicate with people.

The Facebook groups work very well for me and it will work for you.

So then your question probably becomes

where do I begin

Strategy 1 that generate free 200$ a day using facebook group

First, join the facebook group

Lot's of the affiliate marketer is searching for a different platform to promote their affiliate product.

There are many ways to promote affiliate products some are paid or free.

But this is especially for beginners who not have money to spend on ads.

I am going to show you my personal, proven, free facebook affiliate marketing strategies that generate me around 1 million $.

So let's begin

But before I go in deep how this facebook affiliate marketing strategies work.

I want to tell you that Facebook is the best platform to promote affiliate products.

Because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

And with my proven facebook affiliate marketing strategies,

I am dam sure you will make at-least yes I said at-least 100 $ a day totally free ( if you take action ).

If you are beginner not having experience with affiliate marketing and not having money to spend on
ads you can start using my method.

Also, don't worry I will show you step-by-step how this method work

Click here to read the full post

Strategy 2 using facebook group 

There are different ways you can grow it

If you already have an existing customer base.

For instance, if you have an email list you can send out a nice email talking about how you have this group or

How you want to interact with people or how you're creating this exclusive community try to make it seem

Like it's something that not everybody can get in

Only your customers are allowed into it something like that and just send out an email to your list

If you do not have an email list then you probably need to work on growing your list

Strategy 3

Another easy way to drive people it worked really really well.

you can use your other social platforms such as YouTube Instagram Twitter

LinkedIn whatever else you have

Drive people into your exclusive Facebook group and tell them to join your mastermind facebook group.

For example, 

you can say Download my affiliate marketing cheat sheet from my facebook group and give your facebook group link.

Paid ad's

 If you don't have a customer list you can get a lot customer with paid ads and here is an example

Start Facebook ads from your page and ask people to join the group and boost it for 10 or 20 or $100

Or whatever you can budget and just drive people right into your group from the ad

And trust me this works really well especially if you don't have anybody

And again Facebook is going to reward you because you're giving them money

So they're more likely to show an ad of you promoting

So what are some of the keys to making your group a success

Key to success with facebook group

Some of the keys are omnipresent in the group this is one of the biggest compliments I get routinely

In my SEO group when somebody asks question

Is that I'm always there like to answer questions often within minutes

I know not everyone can do that but be there all the time

Don't just get people to join it and then forget about it.

I have seen tons of Facebook groups out there like that where somebody will create it than abandon it

Don't do this mistake. When somebody asks a question reply to him as soon as possible.

Make it a destination for people

See your post will show on people timelines

but they're still gonna miss a lot if they unless they specifically go to the group

So what you want to do is start encouraging people to come and check out something you post in the group

you want your group to be in the front of people that open Facebook in the morning rather than doing their job

And then make that one of the places that they check kind of like some people will check the news or
the weather you want to call it.

Exclusive content and offers you want to create that only people in your group get

And then you want to advertise that if you want to get this offer come over my group and get this

Or you want to put content that only they get to see so

For example, I have created a separate friends list means if I put anything on my group or facebook timeline

Only people who I have added in that list will see the post.

Create an exclusive facebook post

In this paragraph I am going to show you tested, a proven strategy so read this paragraph fully.

According to my experience

3 p.m is the best time to do a post on facebook group or page that you'll get the most clicks

And 1 p.m is the time you'll probably get the most shares

Post mostly images and video's

I mean don't share YouTube videos on Facebook pages upload the video directly

And then Facebook loves Facebook

So what I mean by Facebook loves Facebook is they don't want people to leave Facebook that is the ultimate goal of the facebook.

Therefore, Images without link's, statements quotes things like that, give a better result.

Also, don't promote other brands like YouTube that are their direct competitors will do better than ones that do.

Example see below post

Grow Facebook Group
Grow Facebook Group

See this post and you can see that no one has like or comment on this post why? because he is trying to divert traffic to another website

Facebook doesn't want people to leave Facebook

Let's take another example

Grow Facebook Group
Grow Facebook Group

This post got a lot of engagement why because in that post there is not any link

So don't put any link's in your post avoid this mistake

Another one by Damon John you might have seen him on Shark Tank.

It's just an image here with a little message doesn't have any link.

This post got 300 like's over 90 shares

MY method to increase engagement and grow facebook group.

I love this one, shoot a personal message to the top contributors in the group.

Then click on group insights

Grow Facebook Group
Add caption

Click on the members or more members details area and you'll see a list of the top contributors

Grow Facebook Group
Add caption

And how many posts they've created and comments they've made too.

By thanking them personally they're gonna feel really special and wanna continue to contribute over time.

promote some of those top contributors to the facebook group

Promote some of those top contributors or moderator.

Because this is really smart because it allows you to build a bigger, almost kind of policing group

That controls the spam and the haters inside of your group.

These people can remove and delete posts and they can also let people in the group. if they request and they have to wait for the approval.

But the second part about this is it rewards your top contributors and people in your group.

It allows them to feel special like they're a part of something and they're gonna wanna help you out 
even more which puts more out of your hands

so you can do more of what you need to do as a business owner.

Increase engagement with facebook group.

If you want people to engage with your page, show them stuff behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes, the stuff works really really well for having people feel like they're a part of something.

Because not everybody gets to see those things as being a part of a group and seeing the stuff that people in the outside don't get to see,

they're gonna feel special about it and you can maybe share it too and actually invite other people in.

So how do you do this, well there's a lot of ways, you can show pictures of stuff you're working on, you can write posts

being honest upfront about what it is that you're dealing with right now,

you can also go live and just show kind of the process of what you do with your business.


Grow Facebook Group
Grow Facebook Group 

You can see the above image I have shown my June payment proof to the people

And the other cool part of this is that people are always interested to see what's going on the other people live.

people are always excited to see what's happening in other people's lives

run a poll

I recommend running a poll maybe once a month, you don't wanna run a bunch of them.

But every once in a while putting out there is great because people love to select their favourite answer

Or answers to questions that you have.


Pat Flynn, he is 6 figure affiliate marketer and sees her poll

See people are clicking .what it is that they're interested in.

I think this is a great way to understand a little bit more about who they are
so we can serve them better.

Go live in group

Go live for your group members and if possible, make it consistent

It doesn't have to be every day but even once a week

Or even a couple of times a month can do wonders for increasing your authority with your members,

You can discuss any topic

Example my niche is affiliate marketing and I can talk about which are the best product of 2019 that you should promote

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Personal strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019


Do you want to learn How To Make Money With Clickbank. ?

I,m gonna show you how to find the best product, how to promote a product for free or paid way's

And also giving the 2 strategies that make me 200 $ a day.

Step-by-step let's begin

Summary of what you will learn in this post.

  • A common mistake affiliate marketer makes.
  • How To Make Money With Clickbank.
  • Strategy 100 % convert.
  • Strategy 2
Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Most Common Clickbank Affiliate Marketing MISTAKES You MUST AVOID

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019
Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019 

Mistake no 1# Not building an email list

I see this actually a lot is people are just trying to drive traffic and get sales and not thinking about the long-term game

This is some of the things you really gotta keep in mind is building your email list and bringing in those long-term customers.

Because you can always follow up with them and potentially sell to them provide value to them bring them to other traffic sources.

That's why you always want to build an email list it's just a long-term game and tries to build a relationship with your email list.

So don't always depend on one traffic source you know to start building your real email list as a backup the traffic source.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Not having confidence

This is a big thing that I had a problem with when starting out especially with affiliate marketing is just not having enough confidence in myself

Not knowing that I can actually do it or whether and I see this a lot with the beginners.

They don't think there probably will enough with putting out the content and being the person that reviews the product.

So that's like one doubt you got to get over and you got to realize like you

Know if other people are doing it there's no reason you can't.

So ignore all this doubt and start taking action.

Thinking that affiliate marketing is getting rich quick

A lot of people think this (especially beginner).

They can just place a couple of Facebook ads and start making 300 bucks a day

But actually, it doesn't work like that at all you got a test, test, test.

You got to put the content you got to understand marketing, understand copywriting all this different stuff.

And I have learned all this in the past couple of years and also I have taken the course for other people and I tried to learn from them.

And just think the long-term game remember this is a business and take a while to make money.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Selling rather than helping

This actually a very crucial mistake people make,

Even though affiliate marketing is you know we're basically salespeople

We're trying to get sales for companies and products and stuff like that

So we're basically in a sales job here's a difference we're not cold calling, our goal isn't to sell.

When people click on your affiliate link's they go to the sales page the people who own the product their goal is to make the sale

Our goal as affiliate marketers are getting the,

Attention and providing value so that they might use our affiliate links to check out that product

Our goal is not to really sell, we just send traffic and product sales page do the sale.

Not sticking to one thing

I had a problem within the beginning I've learned that it's better to stick to one thing

So when starting out just stick to one thing don't go around

And promote eight different offers and niches at a time focus one get good at it and once you start making passive income from it you can move on to other offers such niches.

So that's number five is just stick to one thing and really just focus on learning

That niche learning that product learning how people working on it stuff like that.

Not comparing the product's

Biggest mistake affiliate marketer makes Not comparing the products.

People always want to see a comparison. if you're reviewing some type of product or course

And you have to give the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

When you're promoting one product and you're just being biasing oh yeah you got to buy this,

Well if you're comparing two different product's, people see that and they could decide which one to buy and it's like a win-win situation

This is little strategy lot of people don't do I notice.

Promoting low-quality product's

So make sure you're actually promoting a legit and good product.

So go through the sales page go through their email sequence make sure it's not scammy make sure they have good testimonials make sure.

If you promote something bad to your audience or to your email list and they buy it and they see that's you know its a POS product they're never gonna open your emails again.

They're never gonna trust you again because you referred them a shitty product.

So go through it and make sure it's a good product.

Keyword research

New marketer's not doing keyword research so you want to do keyword research if you're on YouTube or if you have a website or even Facebook you want to do keyword research.

Basically what you want to do is just look for the keywords to make content around those keywords simple is that

First step

Finding low competition keywords and second step making content around the keywords.

When people search for those keywords it's gonna be low competition.

And If you rank on that keyword and people will find your content and you will make a commission.

Another thing is when you're making your content just do your keyword research.

Write content only when there is a low or medium keyword volume.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Not having good content

If your content suck's Google will never rank you on the first page

Your content must be 100% unique and should have good reliability.

Tip: write content more than 2000 words.

When writing review show testimonial, instructor name, payment proof, alway's chosen good trending product.

Before I start

This is advance 2019 How To Make Money With Clickbank post so I will not tell you what is Clickbank? Clickbank as a beginner.

How To Make Money With Clickbank

See step-by-step my personal strategy which I am using from several year's and made more than 100k $ a year with Clickbank.

How you can make money fast with Clickbank and affiliate marketing because that's what you're here to learn

How this work's

  • Find product/software
  • Collect email lead
  • Send traffic
  • Passive income
First of all, you need to find product/software to promote.

Then you need to collect email, by sending traffic to your landing page.

After collecting traffic send an email and make a passive income.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Strategy make money with Clickbank?

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019
Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019 

To make money fast you need to actually spend money.

Many people messaging me how can I do it for free?

How can I get this software for free?

See you need to use software's and platforms if you Seriously want to make money online.

I spend thousands a month on programs because they make me money back. You need to actually spend money

Stop trying to be one of those people that like how gonna do this for free

How can I make a million dollars for free? How can I get this software for free?

How can I get this without paying for it? and reality is You will not succeed online that's just straight the truth.

Clickbank method

Now, let's move on to the method.

First, we want traffic. Then We'll be sending it to an email form to collect emails.

This is really important after collecting email then we're gonna direct them to an offer.

Well, we usually make a little bit of money

You might make like 10 to up to 80 per cent of what you've spent on traffic and then these people gonna go into the email list and this is where you make the big money.

For this method, you should promote $1 trials products that are under 20 bucks

Because we need monthly recurring revenue. basically, you're going to be giving away something for free like a cheat sheet or something.

And in exchange, they will give you their email address.
You just you want to put an expensive offer in front of them,

Yes I know they're not gonna buy it.

First show them payment proof, testimonials and say that if they take from your link I will give extra bonus.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

How to collect email

It's a very simple strategy you need like a free ebook to giveaway. So you have to first think of your niche

Example Let's take them to make money online niche

You can either pay someone on Fiverr to write a cheat sheet on how to make money online or you can write to yourself if you do not have money.

And then you're gonna give away ebook for free

Like this you can collect targeted, niche related email address.

And if you think this stuff doesn't work go and look on youtube and search helmet with your Clickbank.

This is literally how every single person is doing.

Platform to create a funnel

First of all, you need to have a platform that can create funnels. I use click funnels to create funnel here is guide video

A strategy that 100% convert How To Make Money With Clickbank

How to get traffic to promote Clickbank promote

A lot of people think Facebook, Instagram paid traffic is the best way to promote a Clickbank product.

The best traffic for Clickbank is according to my 5-year experience is solo ads because the reason is solo ads are designed specifically for affiliate offers

What this is guy's is you go and purchase traffic from these people for like 0.5 cent's for 1 lead

And what happens is these guys already have an email list with people that are already purchasing affiliate products from them and other people

So these guys are perfect to purchase.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

The second strategy Make Money With Clickbank review's

To promote the product's I don't actually use the main Clickbank site

So the Clickbank site is really good at tracking affiliate sales and paying you the money for commissions

If you make Commission sales for these actual course creators

But you know the best way to actually look at what is popular on Clickbank is using something called CB engine.

Cb stand's for Clickbank affiliate marketing

Step 1

Go and sign up for CB engine and after sign up

Step 2

Click on gravity so what gravity score is?

Is it basically gives you a numerical representation of how popular and how many sales a particular course is making on Clickbank

More the gravity more money you will make.

But you don't always want to go after the ones that you give you the most money per sale.

Because it's if it's a hundred times harder to get a sale and they pay you a little bit more right it's not worth it

The ones that I like to go after are the ones that have a reasonably high you know dollar per sale Something above 15 with a high gravity score.

I might not go after the number one product on Clickbank like red tea detox it really depends on what you know about

If you know about fat burning or maybe you know you're on a paleo diet and it would be easy for you to talk about.

That's what I would focus on.

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

After choosing a product

After choosing Clickbank not too much high gravity but medium gravity product

Make a review and publish on youtube do this constantly 3 to 4 month's I'm dam sure you will make at-least 100$ a day totally free.

Also, you can write a review article, you can do comparison video example webnairjam vs free webinar

In review, you can say product procs and cons Also embed review videos on the website.

The reason behind this is it will decrease the bounce rate

And your other articles will start ranking higher and higher on google first page without a backlink, PBN trust me this stuff work's

Written by   

Personal  strategy to make money on Clickbank 200$ a day strategy 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Proven Facebook affiliate marketing strategies Generate 1million $


Lot's of the affiliate marketer is searching for a different platform to promote their affiliate product.

there are many ways to promote affiliate products some are paid or free.

But this post is especially for beginners who not have money to spend on ads.

In this post, I am going to show you my personal, proven, free facebook affiliate marketing strategies that generate me around 1 million $.

So let's begin

But before I go in deep how this facebook affiliate marketing strategies work.

I want to tell you that Facebook is the best platform to promote affiliate products.

because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

And with my proven facebook affiliate marketing strategies,

I am dam sure you will make at-least yes I said at-least 100 $ a day totally free ( if you take action ).

If you are beginner not having experience with affiliate marketing and not having money to spend on ads you can start using my method.

Also, don't worry I will show you step-by-step how this method work

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Point's cover facebook affiliate marketing strategies

Facebook affiliate strategy

Before I start how this method work I want to tell you that do not read take action.

If you take action I guarantee you that. After 10 days you will start making free $ 100.

Step #1

Create you facebook account and please use new fresh email address.


After creating facebook account start sending a friend request and using that new facebook account make 5000 facebook friends.

This will not ordinary friends this are very targeted friends and I call them buyer friend

Because i build facebook profile . people who I know buy digital product's or they buy e-learning courses.

So they are extremely targeted, and In my facebook account, I have over 4000 to 5000 friends who I know buy digital 

Step 3 how to find buyer friend's

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

So I actually go to this facebook group of other vendors ( example Kevin David), who have launch courses,

who put all their buyer friends in their mastermind group.

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

And I just add those people who are active in those groups to be my friend on Facebook

so I built some buyer friends and I started posting stuff on my timeline

that's gonna show in their timeline and get them to engage with my content

Also with the other methods, I offer free pdf and like these, I earn money with free traffic

also, guys, if you send too many friends requests Facebook disable your account permanently and you will lose your buyer friends

so if you want advance technique of these method means how to send unlimited Facebook friend requests daily without getting put in facebook jail also how to set up Facebook chat BOTS

And get some conversion rate like me my recommendation you should buy tripwire traffic my experience with this course is wonderful I have learned a lot even though I am still below 50% completion

Aiden has explained this Facebook method in detail also Aiden is responsive and active to all the questions asked in the course

I really respect the knowledge he has in this field and the willingness to help others succeed

so guys reserve your exclusive spot on tripwire buyer traffic course now and you could be profiting from Facebook in next 24 hours remember it

And provide you follow the strategy and are prepared to put in some work also when you enrol

you'll learn the only tested, proven an unbeatable way to win with Facebook

Also, most courses give you an overview of a method

But very few take your hand and guide you to success Aiden does.

Is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook?

This is a common question many new affiliate marketers have been asking: is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook?

If you ask the same question in 2010 or Before that the answer is yes

It is possible, But now 2019 is going on and Facebook is updating her algorithm daily

To give better user experience to her active user's.

But even today Affiliate marking is allowed on Facebook you can post affiliate links on Facebook,

but that does not mean you can spam everybody with your affiliate links in your Facebook posts if 

you do facebook will not leave you

According to my experience, if you try to promote links directly on Facebook,

Facebook will ban your link and you can't promote your affiliate product. Now the question is?

how to promote affiliate link on facebook without getting ban

My method

Create your presence

First, create a facebook page,

After creating Invite your buyer friends to like or follow your page.

Give value (example see how I made 100$ for free click here ) and try to collect their email address.

Can I post affiliate links on my Facebook page?

If you want to post an affiliate link directly on the facebook page, please don't

Because there are some link's prohibited by facebook.

If you try to post those link, Facebook will give you a warning message.

And you can share those link legally but you want to do a facebook security check.

My method

Mostly I use URL shorteners to short my link and it's work very well for me but Sometimes, using URL shortened won’t work.

I use a linking plugin from my WordPress site called PrettyLinks, or, I send people directly to my sales funnel to capture the email address.

Payment proof 2019 updated June

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

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