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Monday, June 25, 2018

10 Unsolved Mysteries That Leave Scientists Speechless


                                              do you want to see top 10 unsolved mysteries that leave scientist Speechless so be there till end and read whole blog and hi guy's these is shubham welcome to another interesting blog . so if you want to know top 10 unsolved mysteries in world let's begin .... the history of world full of surprising  mysteries none of us will leave long enough to see them all solved however interesting to have a look some of truly bizarre thing's which lie beneath the surface so in top 10 unsolved mysteries in world first is 

1. Moa birds 
                                  Moa birds where flightless birds that use to inhabit new zealand which became extinct around year 1500 they where killed of according to one theory by the maori people during an expedition in the 20th century scientistic stumbled across a huge claw from one of the bird which had somehow been incredibility well-preserved  for centuries 

Address : New zealand 

2. The temple complex of saksaywaman ,peru    

                 The perfect stone work of this ancient temple complex which was completed without the use of single drop of mortar is amazing in some cases it is impossible to pass even a PIECE of paper between the stone everyblock moreover  has a smooth surface and rounded corner how it's constructed no one knows .

Address : Saksaywaman ,peru 

3. Gate of sun ,bolivia                                

                        The gate of sun can be found in tiahuanaco an ancient and mysterious city in bolivia some archaeologists believe  that it was center  huge empire during the first millennium . no one has any idea what the carving on the gate are meant to mean possibly they have some astrological or astronomical significance

Address : Tiwanaku, bolivia 

4. The longyou caves ,china 

             These cave where gouged out of sandstone by human hands such difficult work would has required the participation of thousand's  of people yet there is no mention of these caves or the method use to construct them anywhere in historical records

Address  : Quzhou , china 

5. The unfinished obelisk ,egypt 

                                   These obelisk initially began to be curved straight out of rock face but it appear that it began to crack it was left in this condition unfinished it's size is simply staggering 

Address : Obelisk ,egypt 

6. The underwater city of younaguni ,japan 

                    This ancient complex discovered  by driving instructor kihachiro aratake the underwater city has confounded all scientific theories the rock from which it is carved was submerged underwater about 10,000 year ago long before even the egyptian pyramid were erected some archaeologist believe that during this primitive era people still huddled in caves and live off edible roots rather than hunting they certainly couldn't iraq stone cities 

Address : Younaguni ,japan 

7. Mohenjo- daro, pakistan 
                  The mounted of dead pakistan the secret of these city downfall has perplexed experts for decades in 1922 the indian archaeologist  rd banerjee  discovered ancient ruins on one of the inland in the indus river question arose how was these great city destroy what happen to it's inhabitants numerous eviction  have not offered any answer

8. l'anse aux meadows,canada 

                This archeological site in canada was once a settelment founded by the vikings about a thousand's year ago the fact that it exist indicates that the scandinavian seafarers reached north america long before the birth of cristopper solombus
9. Stonage tunnels 

              The discovery of an extensive network of underground tunnels which stretch across all the europe from scotland to turkey shows that stone age communities where not simply hunter's -gathers but the real purpose of the tunnel is still a mystery  some researchers believe  they where use this protection against predactors while other believe they provided a way that travel around and safety protected from the rigors of the weather and various conflicts 

10. The giant stone sphere

              The giant stone sphere of costa rica these mysterious stone formation are intriguing not only for their perfectly spherical  shape but also account of the unknown origins and purpose  there where discovered  in the 1930 by workers clearing the jungle from banana plantation local legends suggest it that the mysterious  spheres contain hidden gold but they turned out to be empty 

                               So i hope  guy's understand  all these  i know these was short blog but anyways guy's if you enjoy please share and i see you guy's in next blog  

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