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Monday, June 25, 2018

9 Unbelievable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused


                          So if you guy's want to know  13 Unbelievable Coincidences that will leave you confused then read these blog till end and hi guy's these shubham welcome to another interesting and unique blog  in my 13 Unbelievable Coincidences That Will Leave You Confused first is THE TRAGEDY ON THE HOOVER DAM  so let's begin 


             The hoover dam located in usa is believed to be one of the most mysterious in the world. more than 100 workers were die while constructing it and secondly because it holds so much water back  this amount of water led to be deformation of the earth crust which cause more than  600 earthquake in that region but it holds unexpected mystery in it . One of the first people who lost their lives during the construction of the hoover dam was george tierney who died on december 20 ,1922 , when carrying out preparatory work and last person to die during construction was patrick tierney - george son's he also died december 20, 

2. The cars that found each other 

             In 1895, in the state of ohio, two cars collided .the peculiarity of this  particular accident is to be found in the fact that during this period .automobile was only just beginning to take off and there where only these two cars in all of ohio . Unfortunately at that time automobile accident still weren't documented and so the official records of this case haven't survived . just let this fact sink in only two cars in the whole city and they collided ...isn't that fade..??? 

3.  Coincidences in the biographies of lincoln and kennedy 

                   A multitude of strange coincidence exists in the biographies of two american president  , abraham lincon and jhon kennedy they where both killed by a gunshot wound to the back of head ,on a friday , before a celebrating (lincoln were killed just before easter . kennedy on the even of thanks giving ) each was accomplished by his wife and another couple .both have four children ,both have friend called billy graham . kennedy has secretary called mrs.linclon .president lincoln has secretary called jhon .their successor in both cases were vise president called johnson, who were both southerners and democrats .

4. The first and last soldier 

                The british army during world war one lost about 673,375 soldiers they were declared to be dead and missing and the surprising fact here  is that the graves of the first and last british soldier killed in the war are located six meter form each other and their headstone face each other this arrangement was not in any way deliberate 

5. Rumors of edgar allan poe's time machine 

           The book narrative  of author gordon time of nantucket written by edgar allen poe . we learn the story of four sailors who servied their sinking of their ship and where force to eat ship boy called richard parker  .po claimed  that this story was based  on real life event's but this wasn't actually the case 46 year's after the book were written an actual boat did sink and the member of the crew who were saved .recounted how they had eaten a ship boy called richard parker .  this led to rumor that the famous american  writer has owned a time machine 

6. Unlucky brother's 

                 In july 1975 , erskine lawrence ebbin, a 17 year old inhabitant of the bermuda triangle ,was riding along road on his moped when he was hit by taxi ,almost a year before ,also in july erskine's brother -who was also 17 -was killed .he was riding same moped and he was killed by taxi as well .behind the wheel was same driver and he was carrying the same passenger .that's more than unbelievable isn't it..??

7.  Anthony hopkin's and a rare book

                                Once the actor anthony hopkins urgently needed to hold the book so that he couldn't study for a role in film he was starring in the girl from petrovka written by george pfeiffer .he couldn't find the book in shop anywhere but then he came across a forgotten copy in the subway when hopkins later met pfeiffer the later told him that he couldn't find  copy on the book himself he has lead his last one to a friend who has lost it somewhere in subway amazing ha....???

8. A special name for the roman empire 

                        The city of rome the foundation of roman state was founded according to the legend by romulus and remus .consequently romulus became the first king of rome the last rule of western roman empire was romulus augustulus although he was born as flavius romulus augustulus .nevertheless one can say one of the most powerful  empires of the ancient world began and ended with the name of romulus . 

9. A prediction of donald trump election victory in the simpsons 

                                     The created of simpsons made an episode in the year which made a joke about donald trump becoming the president of united states could they have ever guessed  that one day it would become true more amazing is the fact that the show president  trump election campaign in a way that was almost identical to senses from real life when he launch his presidential  maybe somewhere out there . someone is writing out life story 

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