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Monday, June 25, 2018

The lion attitude motivation


                                 Sheep  follow the leader but they  keep  following they don't lead  they don't use their mind . A  LION  leads it's about having courage  to stand and fight for your life having the straight   to go bravely in your direction even if others  walk away you tread your own path only you know what's best for you .only you know what path to take only you know your courage 
                                Your strength ,your heart everyone has the heart of a lion inside of them let it out let it scream out of you like the lion .unleash the beast in you . attitude is what you think what you do and what you feel about yourself attitude  is everything in life guess why weather you rise or fall .  every thing is base on the attitude that you showed at that moment . your attitude determines  your attitude listen carefully  .
                            I have been through tough times i have experienced it and i want you to know that it wasn't my money that brought me this far it was my attitude toward life it was my attitude to keep going when the going get's tough that is lion attitude i am talking about the question is what is your attitude toward life what you do think of yourself as i am talking to you now do you think of yourself as how god thinks of you or do you think yourself as how friends and family members think of you you need lion attitude the attitude to take charge of your destiny you need lion attitude that say's  " i can"                           
                           You need the lion attitude the attitude that say's " i will " because i am bold i enough to fight you need the lion attitude if you are standing in from greatness real lion's they are hungry when the time comes for their mission lions are not followers they are leaders who lead the rest of animale  become a lion be fearless don't talk walk the talk real lions they demonstrate who they are  a lion does not seek respect they command respect and authority because they know they should be                          
                           Be the lion a sheep follow the leader  a lion leads it's about having courage to stand and fight fro your life having the strength to go in your own direction even if no one belief in you follow your heart only you know what is best for you only you know which path you take you have the heart of a lion inside you let it out don't fit it stand out and use your gift the lion is certain there are no "maybes" with lion this is my decision and i will attack until the outcome is mine "no will push me  around no will tell me where to go or what to go if i want something i will go after it with everything i have inside me !

                                 The sheep is not certain these is why the sheep follow the herd not knowing where they are going not caring just drifting through life being pulled and prodded being sheared from head to toe until there is nothing left to give and that is what  i see in many of you life , the world and society is shredding you of your very shell head to toe you lose you own unique footprint you become what others want you to see not want you want to be don't let anyone push you around be like the lion roar so loud with your own spirit that no one would dout you every again no one  would question your goals no one you dare challenge you again because you certainly will shine tough like the lion............

         remember be the lion and achieve your dream's see you in next blog 

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