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Monday, June 25, 2018

Don't Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things



                    Many people spend their life .at the mercy of circumstances living at mercy of what happen to them living at the mercy of other people not living in the present . because they are stuck in the prison of their past if you want to live a great life . don't allow yourself to be controlled by any of these things .so guy's welcome to another interesting blog and here are those things 

1. Your past

                 Do not allow your past to control your present or your future life whatever happen you must let it go leave the pain past your behind it cannot run your future leave the darkness of your past behind so it cannot block the light of your bright  future your past is gone whatever happen ,weather unjust ,cruel,,harsh, whatever the case reliving the events will never do you any good if someone did you wrong the only way you can win  is if you let go .is if you let go and move on if you live in hate they win if you leave in victim story they win if you want to win you must focus on building   your future and start right now release that weight from your back so you can be free don't allow events of your past .which are now gone to run these movement which is perfect  this moment which is now to enjoy which is ready for you to live fully 

2. Other people opinion's and judgement 

               Do not allow other people opinions and judgement  to control the direction  of your life ! the need fit in and feel wanted can cause you to travel down paths you don't wan't to travel people pleasing is a cruse that should avoided  at all cost before you do anything ask yourself am i doing this because i want to do it or because of my fear of judgement from other if i don't you where born unique for a reason you where born to stand out to be appreciated  and love for who you are don't dim your lights  so you fit into the dull background of other people live's shine bright as you are thone who really care for you will see that light and shine with you 

3. Limited belief's you project on yourself 

          Do not allow your life to be control by your own limited belief's now a warning with these one these belief's may be conscious . but more than likely they are unconscious .they may be unconscious  limitation that have been  conditioned in your form a young age and thought full entire life by listing those around you who never reach from their own dream notice your own limited belief's and tell them to shut up there is nothing you cannot do nothing you cannot have and no one you cannot become if you believe in yourself! if you believe  anything is possible guess what anything is possible when you change your belief from limited to unlimited your potential is unlimited

4. Relationship 

                  A touchy subject .but if you are always needing another to be happy to feel complete then you are always one moment away from breakdown if that person leaves you or happiness ,if the relationship you are in is not going well i am not suggesting to avoid relationships .there is no force on these earth greater than love and connection i am talking about those who can't live if these  aren't in relationship those who will be with just about  anyone including all the wrong ones just to avoid spending a moment being single what i am saying is to develop enough mental strength that  you get to the point where you don't need other's to make you happy you are just as happy being alone as you are in relationship

5. Money 

             That is what control the majority of human on these planet can you gess what is that ?? money this does not me you shoudln't want  abudance it doesn't meant  money is evil you know as well as i do what great things you can do and how many people you can help with money what this mean is do not allow your desigion to be controlled by money if you are choosing something only on the factor how much money is involved you have just made the wrong desigion what you will find is that when you follow your heart and you lead with your intension to serve other to give you best to other every single time when you follow intution and truley give your soul then then money will come and it will come in  far greates amount than if you simply chase money for  the sake  of chasing money so . challenge yourself to live the life you want to live free from being controlled by anything find our freedom live fully!
                                   Start " Your day with something positive in your your life 
Something that may change your life "

                                                            Word's by shubham deshmukh (founder of )

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