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Monday, June 25, 2018

how internet works...??????


How internet work's 

                  guy's today's  world we can leave without water and food but for 30 minute's without internet we can't leave but guy's do you think how internet work's...???? ,who is the owner of internet....????  and how some get more speed some not get more speed...???  why different , different tariff plan different different operator are giving , how is the internet reach...??? so hi guy's these is shubham and welcome to wcchubcom for another interesting blog .so guy's whole  world is connected to internet . but you guy's never think that how internet work's ...??? you guy's think internet work form satellite or  you think these network place around world but you guy's don't know 99 percent internet work from fiber optic cable

What is fibre optic cable 

              Now you guy's say i use internet from mobile than which cable is connect to my mobile see the tower from where you get network from that tower one big cable place where you want to go . so guy's i explain you very easy way with the help of image .so guy's your internet while coming he has to pass three different different company first is tier one company these is company which place  fibre optic cable around world inside water .

               See guy's  internet is free  how it is free so see You are in your house and your office is 2 km away from your house so from your house to your office one line is place which called as fire optic cable and connect that cable  with both the computer say these is internet so your money spend on that wire  and on wire maintenance like these tier one company place fire optic cable around world because of these all country connected each other through network now guys you want to divide country to state sate to city ,city to your local area guy's i know you not understand these part don't worry hence we go to live demonstration now in  good way you guy's will understand how all thing's work 

tear one company 

         Guy's you can see above image these type of cable is place inside water around world first all these cable are place to connect all country these cable is called as fibre optic cable or submarine cable 

                Guy's you can see above image the company which place cable how it look wire inside optic cable very thin like hair and one cable has 100 mbp's speed  is there 100 mbp's bandwidth  is there in one
 cable the company which place all these cable is called as tier one company and if you want to see how much cable is there around world there is one website called

                Example: if you take india cable landing point is mumbai and inside india operator like jio,airtel, idea all these company figure out there own  tower and install there setup and build there infrastructure now from whole india if you visit  on website and website server is out  of india it will go through landing point through cable your data and traffic and it will go to particular server in case of india biggest traffic is go from mumbai so guy's from cable only your data is transferring  not from satellite and airtel ,idea ,jio they out  your data from mumbai , chennai , kochi, etc they ship were there server are there 

                 The  tear one company which place cable inside water but these cable not have life more than 25 year's and these cable are deep inside sea so some fish like shark bite these cable and so there be any crack or any cut on cable   or break if these incident happen they place extra cable inside water if these incident happen in case of emergency they connect landing point with  extra cable these company also do maintenance but internet is free they only need money fro connecting point 

tear two company 

                 So these  tear two company talk  you have bring all cable to  boundary of country we want to do setup from boundary so we will provide internet to people and we will take money from them and and half we will give to you  so per gb of calculation tear one company get money   and automatically tear two company which take internet per gb  from tear one provide more to us but to reach internet to our local area  again one tear three company is coming  so function of tear three company 

tear three company 

            These company completely work on local like airnet broadband  services , fast internet service etc these type of company take internet from tear two company giving money and providing to us 

             So guy's you understand how internet work's how it reach to your local area  i have made char from there better you will understand 

              So hope you guy's understand how internet works 

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