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Monday, June 25, 2018

How to Find our Passion ,,,,????

How to find  passion ...???                   

             Are you searching or thinking what is my passion ...??? then  hear is the answer so hey guy's welcome back to another interesting blog my name is shubham today's topic is how to find your passion so let's begin
what is passion 

               Now first what is passion let me clear out passion is work or purpose for which you want to live your life it to be something very big or to be something very small  it doesn't matter for


               Playing guitar or maybe make people smile or educating the poor children it could be anything . so now let's  follow the three golden question rule to find a way these three question are

1. why

3. what


  1. First golden question why it is needed to find my passion ..??

                   Follow is there any need to find it or i am just wasting my time and energy the answer is yes there is very strong reason behind why you should find  your passion because passion is something which keep you alive it is something which add values to your life it give that feeling that your life is not waste you are doing something  great for you and your family and these whole world  now lets take an example there is person who never cares about his passion he just cares about money because he think that when you will have more money you will become more  than and for these start doing job of salary  our movies a job in which  he has  no interest .

               He think that on weekend  i will go  and watch movies with friends i will go to bars and cafe  by doing all these . i will enjoy every weekend very much and these will keep me very happy for lifetime . what a foolish thinking that is because how long he would  will be enjoy all these things after some days and some years all these thing become boring .they will stop giving you any kind of happiness why you wound to choose to yourself happy only on the weekends hosting yourself will leave only just  one day in a week and dying  in all remaining six days why you don't find ways so that you can leave so happily every minutes of your life just will be passion every  moment of your life alive now

                Now consider another person who join a job of  twenty rupees  a job in which he extremely   passionate about what do you think we enjoy only weekends no every day in minutes will be enjoying his work a person who is enjoying his job can never stuck at any point through now though he is twenty thousand but it is very much possible that sooner he will reach a point where he will be running may be  2 lacks per month he will never stuck at any point and if you are doing something  in which you are  not into day you will be stuck after  achieving a point .

                 As per first person his salary may increase 80000 per month from 50000 thousand  but after that he will get stuck ............these is reason why you should find your passion

2. How to identify my passion..??

        If you not till identify your passion then keep trying all good things  means which you believe good for you also for people around you things that seems interesting as well as meaning full to you then take small step don't take big step until you surely identify that is passion not attraction  when you start doing it  you will need to notice few things  weather it is passion or attraction  these are one

    1. growing interest day by day for work

      2. you are not giving any excuse at any time to avoid it

         3. you are loving even pains are getting from it

3. what can be done right now ..??

    If you already discover passion then just go and do it and don't waste your time deining  six  days and leaving only one day and if you still not have found it keep searching for it because now for you finding your passion is very important because passion only make your life more successful
so follow passion and success will automatically  follow you

your time

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