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Monday, June 25, 2018

The 7 Biggest Dream Killers!


                 Is not a accident. failure is not a mistake  .anyone who has reached any great height's in life did so because they did things so differently to the majority . the majority do not reach at great  height's . because they do things the same as everyone else . as a society we are conditioned to believe in what we see  and experience around us the most we are conditioned to believe in opinions and limitation of these closest to us it is time to break the mold .it is a time to avoid the biggest dream killer and begin learning  how to make our dreams our reality here are seven biggest dream killer  
you should avoid at all cost



            These is perhaps biggest dream killer of all ironically those who don't take action because of fear of failure . fail by default because they are living a life they do not want to  live a life less than their potential .failures is nothing compare with feeling of regret jump in deep end worst case scenario you learn big lession and grow from the experience keep going until you achieve your goals

2. The fear of success 

2. The fear of success

       Yes  that is correct fear of success most people don't reach the height 's they now they are capable of because of fear they will be left out if they achieve it . if no one around you  has achieve a high level their  may be fear of  not fitting in with the crowd success can be lonely road cougar is often needed to endure the judgement and feeling of not fitting in

3. Lack of work ethic 

      Yes  if you aren't prepare to work for your dream .you will never leave it nothing worthwhile in this world will be come without big effort are you willing to put in the work required y\to got your dream ?

4. Excuses 

     You can have results or excuses but you cannot have both successful people take ownership of their success and their failures if it doesn't work out ask yourself. have you can do it better next time if it doesn't work out .don't give up work harder try a different approach . dp whatever it takes to get your destination

5. Toxic influences 

         Family , friends  they all mean well but often they can impose their perceived limitation on you just because they couldn't do it doesn't mean you can't just because no one in family successful before doesn't be you can't be first repeat everyone opinion but believe  in only one your own

6. Lack of discipline 

6. Lack of discipline

             Discipline  and consistency are trait's of winners and all successful  people  every now and then is not good enough you must be committed  to work on your goal's and dream's every single day and make it more important than all these insignificant things that hold you back from success

7. Unwilling to learn and grow  

 Unwilling to learn and grow

       Successful people all have one thing common they are lifetime learners as warren buffet once said the more you learn the more you earn never stop educating yourself on a range of topics developing your skills and growing into the person you know you can become there many more dream killers but they would have to be the top? remember ,success is not a accident , failure is not an accident if you want success you can have it ....learn and model the most successful people you resonate with avoid the people you least want to be like avoid doing the things they do .

      So hope you guy's enjoy these blog and see you guy's in next blog 

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