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Monday, June 25, 2018

Things You Might Don't Know About Movie Theaters


Things You Might Don't Know About Movie Theaters

                     So do you want to know secrete's of movie theater read these blog till the end and hi guy's these is shubham and i welcome you to another unique and interesting blog so i will expose top 10 secret's of movie theater  so let's begin

1.  The biggest part of profit is it earn by ticket sale's...???

                Cinemas  earn more money by selling popcorn and soda than they do selling ticket how is this possible .well they have to pay lot of money to film studios in the first two months of distribution after these two month's all profit belong's to cinemas this is why some movie are still playing a half a year after the premiere so how does all these work well let suppose you brought twelve  dollar ticket to see new movie avenger's infinity. many people  all these money they paid goes to movie theater or maybe it split 50- 50 with the studios in fact in first two weeks the theater has to pay 75 % of money  hey get from spectators to the studios so the theater keep three  dollar off your 12 $ in case you prefer to watch the new movies the opening night or so it it can even worse for some movie like it was with star wars episode  two whole attack on clones when the studio kept 100 percent of the profit during the first 14 days of showtime .
                        Things get better money wise during second and third week's of release when theater get's to keep 45 % of box office intake and number rise to 80 % after first month at that point most movie fans see new stuff when they have been so waiting for even if they get to keep this little of what they \make  movie theater still have to pay their staff and maintenance cost so how do they actually make some money the answer is concession movie fan's pay five $ for popcorn and actually worth 0.15 $ and 4 $ for coke it actually worth 0.08 $ now that you know their struggle you might be able to forgive movie theater this markup

2.  There is lot of privacy

               No way there is no privacy in movie theater also many people go to the movie theater on premier day just to record  a new movie watch free and HD remains a popular google search line when it come's to new movie and even though camera copy are normally far from HD they can still find their audience but cinemas employee try to prevent this and turn violators out in the USA the motion picture association of america encroaches these approach the cinema staff member who manage to prevent movie theft he or she will get 500 $ prize it's a nice addition to their salary

3. A younger audience can watch adult rated  movies

                  Many cinemas try to prevent younger audience for watching  r -rated movies but it still happen regularly the trick to sneaking  inside when you are under age is to buy ticket when two movies start simultaneously and one of them is not r-rated and cinemas staff doesn't  always check where you are going after you pass ticket window

4. Viewer's cry, weep, and run out of hallway's

                   What was your strongest and strangest emotion reaction to the movie...??? perhaps you where in tear and watching titanic because you felt touched at certain moment it like one of those movies or both did make you cry . me it wast first five minutes  of up from pixar it is good old theory or maybe it quickly turn your face away from screen because you saw something repulsive or scary . in cinemas  many people can't away keep their feeling to themselves and that's normal for example a movie about cannibals called raw appeared to be too hard to watch for a couple or visitors at the toronto international  film festival  in 2016 the people fainted  and one of them hit his head during the fall fortunately for both of them it was noting serious but they had to be take nearby hospital for health check . cinemas staff can tell many stories of this kind they always have first aid kit handy

5. Creative way's to sneak in food

           You may not like popcorn or the other snack's that they sell in cinema or find them too expensive but it's strictly  prohibited to bring your own food into cinema however many people try to violate these rule during the career of any cinema of any cinemas employee they see this rule broken a lot. sometimes security catch these fun moment one couple stuffed a truckload of food into an infant's car seat went to watch a movie a girl put some pasta into ziplock bag and brought them into cinema with her

6. Many people avoid 3D film's


                       The golden age of  3D is coming to an end but not just because the ticket for these film cost more and the glass's are often scratched there is one more reason to choose 2D over 3D when you put glasses on your eyes are telling your brain that you are moving there an illusion of being inside a movie and it drives a visual analyzer crazy your middle ear that is responsible for stability tells your brain that you are not moving because you actually not siting still so these cause physical discomfort that many of us feel watching movie in 3D finally 20 % of population including jonny deep himself simply can't perceive those three dimensional .

7. If there' something wrong with the picture ,the projection  booth worker won't help

               Even though the movie projector has to be program during the day there no body siting in booth when you watch a movie digital devices can do everything on their own and there are more automatic process at a cinemas than there were during the previous century keep it in mine in case there are problem with projector the image is blurred not centered etc you have to stand up and notify staff member in lobby it's useless to yell at the projection booth guy because there's no one there

8. Cinema halls are full of garbage at weekend night's

                    A shot break between two movies is not enough time to cinema staff to clean up the theater these is why floor remain sticky and you may find chewing gum under your seat ..if you love cleanliness try to visit cinema in morning and avoid going there on friday and saturday night's when lot of other people out to the movie and it's always a good idea to start with yourself and people around you we all have clumsy moment when we spill drink or drop popcorn by accident however when you see kid they stick chewing gum under seat and leaving tons of rubbish behind it definitely no okay and you should your kids that not a model to follow

9. People often fight at the movie

           A conflict can pop up anywhere including a movie theater it seems like nothing to argue about and nobody would actually use force to defence a movie they love however who loves a fight always find reason to do so it they could be if someone took someone else 's parking place they talk on the phone during the movie or someone is chopping too loudly

10. You are being watched!

                 Every movie theater there are camara pointed at the seats it's not only a security measure but it help's to prevent fight or movie theft or some couple are doing kissing at last seat of theater these camara catch them and then staff call police to arrest them remember all these thing's are not allowed at public places specially at movie theater
               So i hope you guy's understand now top 10 Things You Might Don't Know About Movie Theaters thank you for reading my blog and i see you in next blog 

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