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Monday, June 25, 2018

Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit



               What's up everyone and welcome back to another epic blog people really don't like being where they can't go there's . there's something about science banning us from certain places weather it is sign is anything stay off the grass or one is treating as trespasser will be shot if we not told to go somewhere almost all of us immediately tempted  to go there anyways and see what awaits but may be the warming and rules are all there for  our own good so read these whole interesting blog to find out Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit and hi guy's these is shubham welcome to another interesting blog 

So in my Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit first is 

1.  North sentinel island 

              In india  there is one inland which name is north sentinel island on that inland there is no road or any service , people who stay on that iland they don't like other people come to there land . if anyone go there the people who stay on that inland kill that person because of these indian government  prohibited for going on these inland and the inland is situated near bay of bengal  when you see the inland from sky it 's very beautiful and look like normal inland and people on these inland are expert  to run the arrow if any aeroplane is on low altitude these people throw stone on aeroplane

              No one's know there language there tradition people don't  have Inking one man with her team he wan gone near the inland in 1981 and he told there was some people standing near beach and they have bale and arrows as they gone too near people standing near bitch they deadly attack on her team.on that inland people not do agriculture and many species of animale are also there on inland .people who live on that inland called as adivasi people .these people kill animale and fills there stomach .that means sentinel inland fully depends on hunting .indian government has done lots of effort to do contact with these people but indian government fail .population of inland is 200 to 250

So in my Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit second is 

2. Snake inland brazil 

               These inland is situated edge of brazil sea . these inland is also called as snake inland because more than 4000  snake are there .on these inland highly poisonous snake called as golden lancehead viper is there . that's why these inland also caled "world's deadliest islands." . these snake usually found on tree or seeking shelter in rock crevices . the population of golden lancehead  viper is more that 2000 .
                  The brazilain navy has prohibited for tourist and local people going on these inland because of deadly snake . every two to three years brazilain government  give permission to scientist to go in these inland . the are of these inland is story of these inland there was one light house near inland in that light house one navy office was living with her family and brazil government was giving food to these family everyday .
                  One day one gold lancehead viper came in that house . when whple family saw snake they scare . and they started to  run  near bitch .where there boat was park . but when they came near bitch they saw more snake and when government team was came near bitch they saw their  dead body and there body was black because of snake bite .because of these incident no one's dare to go on these inland and brazilain government has prohibited for going on these inland

So in my Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit third  is

3.  Mezhgorye russia

            These  place is situated bashkortostan in  russia mezhgorye  is a house of two millitary battlian  which do secret  necular missile base security . . it is said that in ballistic missile  sensory is there because of  sensor missile will attack on specific place if any nuclear attack happens .mezhgore russia also called area 51 of russia . in mezhgorye only some government  people and military people only can go local people has been prohibited by russian government

         so in my Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit forth   is

4. Mount weather emergency operations center 

   Mount weather emergency operations center is civilian command facility in the us state of virginia
use as center  of operation for the federal emergency management agency .also know as high point special facility its preffed designation science 1991 in "SF" .  the mount weather emergency operations center play important and major role in case of national disaster . mount weather is the location of control  station for the FEMA national radio system . a high frequency radio system connecting most federal public safety agencies and us military . 

   It is use as the civilian public service facility during world war  2 . if  war happen  in us in that case president of us will be brought in mount weather emergency operations center and fro security purpose lot's of soldier will  be brought . it is said that there is underground complex is there which can easily  sustain any condition . in that all services are there like hospital , water , bed for sleeping , radio communication system is there . because these services minimum 200 people can leave in these complex for 30 day

        So in my Top 5 FORBIDDEN PLACES You're Not Allowed to Visit fifth    is

5. Area 51 

                The area 51 is situated in Nevada , us after vietnam war CIA has given name  these place called as area 51 . it is almost 708 sq km restricted area where us air force also has base and they also test there secret aircraft and weapons and secret sensor etc . on the same place us has tested her secret stealth aircraft which can't be detected in any radar and even infrared cannot catch him . now people have seen many unidentified object in sky near area 51 and they are telly that it is UFO . but it is not true because in FOIA ( freedom of  information act) one american has ask question what is there  in area 51 many are telling that these is a place of alien   people are saying they have seen unidentified object in sky .

                So they reveal the truth that we have use us airforce base here where we test new aircraft , new sensor, new technology etc so  because of secret testing that means the plane will be new design  which look different as compare to normal one so when they fly these type of plane . people saw something new and they taught these  is UFO . so these is the mystery of area 51 there is no ALIEN or UFO

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