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Monday, June 25, 2018

What Would Happen if Someone Try to Break Airplane Window?



                                  What happen if any person try to  break aeroplane  window glass so guy's if you want these answer  read whole blog and hi these shubham and i welcome you guy's to another interesting blog so let's begin   if anyone try to break aeroplane window first of all he or she will be arrested and  second ......people in that plane will beat  that person and also pilot and air hostess  will scold him . but these was a joke let come on in scientific things and also on facts if any person break window what will happen . see it is impossible to break window using naked hands because if you guy's see car windows it has very thick layer if you guy's  try to punch on that glass in that case  you hands can also  felt and that glass will never  broke and yes if you punch continuously on that glass then it has chance to break .

                                            But aeroplane window has more thick as compare to car window because plane window made with "pixiv  glass " and pixiv  glass also called as poly carbonate these glass weight is less but it is very strong as compare to any fiberglass.

                         These glass has  four  layers which is fix in aeroplane  . engineer adjust these layer and then they fix into aeroplane very carefully also they do test of glass  if any crack is there in glass and also these four layer's glass with the help of hand it is impossible to break  .

                                     If  any person use any sharp object then only starting layer can remove and ahead there are more layer which i have told  and after that if person try to remove these glass he or she want to remove these more  layer there  ahead  .so these is very long process  to break or remove glass you want to continuously punch on that glass than it is possible . and these is happen in survival situation one plane was crash in forest and one man break  aeroplane window  he  continuously punch on that window and  after two hours window was totally break and he come out from aeroplane window and people save her life but he done these not in sky he done when plane crash and he was on land but  we assume that if plane is in sky at high altitude and if any one remove plane window what happen...???

                                 See it totally depend on outside atmospher when plane at high altitude something 35000 feet and on 35000 feet outside pressure is low and inside aeroplane pressure is continuously going increasing  example if balloon is there and if we put needle inside what happen balloon blast like that plane can also blast it will create dangerous situation inside plane that's why while checking  on airport if any sharp object  found then  the  police they take that sharp object these is reason behind that .

                                   But  if you guy's  see  aeroplane  passenger window carefully on that there is one hole at bottom reason behind that hole is to release pressure inside plane and also when when plane go on certain height outside  there is low oxygen because of that inside plane pressure increase so to release inside plane pressure  hole is give and these hole is also called "bleed hole"  and why  plane blast if glass break at 35000 feet or out side pressure is low and inside  pressure is high exactly what happen ..???  so reason behind these is  when glass break pressure release very fast it happen suddenly because of these plane blast and also  a people who are seating near broken window they go outside plane why...?? because it will create vacuum 

                                    So guy's these is reason behind  tiny hole on aeroplane window so don't try to break window of aeroplane it is very dangerous for you and other people's who are in that plane so i hope you guy's understand all these and i see you guy's in next blog till then good by

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