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Saturday, August 18, 2018

FEARLESS ► Motivational


FEARLESS ► Motivational 

FEARLESS ► Motivational

                                So wanna i ask you question ....what are you fear ? , Why are you afraid ? . Why are you scared because we all have fears...we all have something that blocking us that holding  us back  you can either live your dream or live your fears and I think the majority of people are actually  are not living their dreams but living there fears . Your time is limited so don't waste it living with someone else life . Don't be trap by dogma  . Which is living with a result of  other people thinking . don't let the noises of other's opinion drawn out your own inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition . They somehow already know..... 
                            What you truly want to become  everything else is secondary and the majority of fear that we have are not life or death fears  . that are not those kind of fear but through our imagination ..... we blow them out of proportion and we give them more power than they actually have or deserve and we permit them to govern our lives . We permit them to determine how far we can stretch out on our dreams and discovering our stuff see now if you go through life being afraid , people can sense that . 

                          They can pick up that fear . Remember that you are going  to die is the best way to i know  avoid the trap  of thinking you have someone to lose you are already naked ...There is no reason not to follow the heart . What would your life  be like as you look toward  the future .....if you decided I am not going to allow my fears to stop me . What would your life be like ? . When you being to look at  your life you can decide to use far as a blocker or you can decide to use it as building blocks . 
                        I want you to focus on your dreams . I want you to focus you on your goals . I  want you to focus on your solution . I want you to focus on that dream life that you want will it be easy ? just run out there and  do it ? No will it happen overnight ? No . Will it be a struggle yes . Will there  be the times when you can't find answer ? yes that's the part of it . Will there will the time you don't know  what to do  ? yes that's the part of it .

                        What is it that will give you the drive ? What is it that will ignite the courage in you to get up and come back again and again and again ....?  Your why gonna a push you when you can't push yourself . When you wanna quit and give up your why is gonna give you that edge need ... That advantage you need . That life you need to get to the next level . your why yes we are tired , yes we are hungry , yes the mind will say give up yes it will say to quit nut we cannot quit because we realize we have not reached out goal yet ....We get one opportunity in life . One chance in life to do whatever you gonna do to lay your foundation and to make whatever mark you gonna take . Whatever legacy you gonna leave ....leave your legacy 

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