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Saturday, August 11, 2018

I WILL NOT STOP - Best Motivational


I WILL NOT STOP - Best Motivational 

I WILL NOT STOP - Best Motivational

                                  Some days of course . I  will get tired . Some days i will get beat up . Some days i will get knocked down and i will have some bad days . but i  will not stop . this isn't  punch the clock and go home for the day here there's no such thing as a weekend this is an everyday gig . everyday is a monday and you might not like that me ? I love it  to me everyday is a beginning A  new day A new shot at life an opportunity  to come out of the gate like a man possessed and attack a day without mercy . 

                                Today i am putting the pressure on I am the aggressor I am on the attack you don't get this far you don't get to this point and just stop people that succeed  quit qutting when things get hard any path you take to get where you want to be if that place is worthwhile  to go it's gonna be fu*king hard struggle , pain  , misery , frustration those are signs that you are on right path nobody that is were you want to be has gotten there without these struggles without the pain and if you want to be something great you are gonna have to learn to accept the struggle as part of the recipe 

                                 Every single day  you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what am i willing to do to get what i want ? and if the answer is whatever the fu*k i have to . you will get there in time it's necessary that you take responsibility for it that you make it happen that you don't give up that you don't take any objection or disappointment or defeat personally that you keep on keeping on .
                              That you don't decide that i can't make it because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel that you realise that's a part of the program see as long as you are breathing you got a shot at your dream and here's something you have got to resolve  . It's not over until i get through it's not over until i get over not over until i get what i want door can't open today  ? look out . I am gonna come back and take hinges off . That's how you gotta do that . You have go to have that kind of courage that type of determination 
                            If you want to make it happen . it's you that you have got to take personal responsibility to make it happen we can point out many time that can make it inconvenient or can slow us down but ultimately it's you 

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