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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Today Is The Day! - Motivation & EPIC Speech


Today Is The Day! - Motivation  & EPIC Speech

Today Is The Day! - Motivational Video & EPIC Speech

                   Every morning  when your feet hit the floor.... tell yourself: today could be the day . Today could be the day i turn my entire world upside down for the better today could be the day everything in my life changes today is the day I take all things in my life to another level it only takes one moment ONE DECISION . ONE ACTION  and your whole entire life could change forever you want better life ? A better job ? your own company ? more happiness ? more money ? A better , stronger body ? A better relationship ? you can have it all .

                            If you just decide today that you will no longer settle for average what if you set a goal today and actually committed to taking action now to improve every area of your life for the next 90 day's do you think could become the greatest version of yourself ?  you bet your bottom dollar you could ! but only with commitment we are talking about real commitment with real and discipline  and real hard work 

                                    The truth  is it  only takes a moment to make that decision it only takes a moment  the truth is you could have whatever you want in life . if you are committed and consistent day in and day out but you know how the story goes , what usually happens ? life gets in the  way doesn't it ? friends and family might get in the way maybe not intentionally but hey , they want you to go out with them , have a little fun , come the wedding have a few drinks " come on one day off won't hurt your progress will it ?  " well do you want this or don't you ? it is perfectly ok to say no you can say no thank you  i'd rather be strong but what about the other's "life issue " that get in the a way ? you got bills to pay right ? you got things to do around the house relationship problems 

                                  "It's too hard right now i will do it later " yeah let me tell you something... that word later almost always turns into another word ... never . Sometimes we tend to ramble on a lot about the haters , the doubter's the naysares but listen really there is no greater obstacles in your way then your own self that story you made up to yourself  about why you can't do this and why you can't do that . 
                                   The only things that is keeping you from your dreams is yourself nothing else it only take one moment to make a decision  one moment to say no to say never again never again will i settle never again will i accept anything but first place one moment to be strong one moment to separate myself from the best you have to change your habits  

                           If you habits always take action right now then your result will skyrocket but your habit is always tomorrow then you will be that guy saying tomorrow  until there are no more tomorrow left today is the day ! is the day ! today. is the day .  


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