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Sunday, August 12, 2018

WEAKNESS - Best Motivation


WEAKNESS - Best Motivation

WEAKNESS - Best Motivational


                                 I  don't accept that  i am what i am and that is what i am doomed to be no . I  don't accept that i am fighting . I am always fighting  . I am struggling and i am scrapping and i am kicking and clawing at those weaknesses to change them to stop them . Some day's i win some day's i don't but each and everyday .

                                 I  get back up and i move forward with my first clenched toward the battle toward the struggle and I fight with everything i have got to overcome those weaknesses and those shortfalls and those flaws AS I  strive to be just a little bit better today than i was yesterday . There no's longer any room for excuses .

                                    Excuses are the tool of the incompetent use to build the bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness well we have got no time for excuses nobody is going  to give you anything that you have not earned nobody cares how tough your upbringing was nobody cares If you suffered some discrimination i am so grateful that the slave didn't drop and quit and say I am just going to stop I  am slave I am just going to be slave  I'mma quit The slave said we are going to act like we are free , and one day our children will be free .

                                 If the slaves would have just said We quit , We give up We would have died in the middle passage but some slaves said I don't care what we go through . We are going to survive this you have to remember that whatever you have gone through it pales in comparison to the hardship previous generation endured ant they overcame them and if they overcame them you can overcome them too . 

                           You don't know what you have got until all hell breaks loose you don't know what you can take until the pressure is applied to your life you don't know what you can endure until you have been under fire and under struggle and under tribulation you can't learn what's in you sitting back in a lazy boy chair hitting the remote control watching HBO  and CLIMAX but when all hell breaks loose that's when you get to see what you got .

                          I din't get to see the design i didn't get to see the architectural plans but i know i am made of some good stuff . I can tell by the burdens i bear and the load i carry and the stuff i endure it's not just that i shock my enemies i shock myself they said i was gonna die but through hell and high water i am still here 

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