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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

       7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful        
7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful
                     Great coaches , great mentor , great CEO'S - If there's one thing they are very good , They are  very good at certain intuition. They know which player , talent or future leader to bet on . There's is something about them . They get credit for choosing and putting money on right people . If there is technology for you able to tell arnold ...arnold became arnold like at fourteen year's old . What we can figure out way to find out Michale jordan  before Michale jordan  was Michale jordan .Can you really tell something that's going to be successful in these article i am going to tell you guy's seven signs that you are going to successful .

                       I have seen this from student who were eighteen year old that are multi millionaire at twenty eight .  I saw the kid that was fourteen year old and now he is twenty six year old and multi- multi - millionaire . I saw this was athletes now they are competitor and doing very well themselves . There are sign's in these article i am giving you seven sign's to be successful

super competitive

                        Le me explain you in detail. So let's start . It doesn't matter what it is . They have to be faster , better , bigger . They just have only one desire . I am gone do better than you and in the world of capitalism . It's all about competition . Then  thing that's make capitalism work is competition . What makes sport's work is competition . The political people think they are better for you and i to vote for , the one that's go to top is typically the most competitive .

                         They want to figure out to do better . Imagine we have to work on environment . We are working on environment and there is first place person in any office , in any team in any basketball team . Even if team suck's there's somebody that's the best on that team . Then you got new cat that comes in town and he comes into work the work environment or goes into basketball team . Whatever it is . Lower guy put higher guy as target . He want's to beat him anything he do exactly he does . Diet , work ethic , time he comes in everything because he is super competitive . and if he out , if he super competitive , even more than him , he will eventually pass him up . That's set

Finish things 

                          Let me explain you in detail . So let's begin . They can play puzzle , right ? They can't stop until they finish the puzzle . They play video game . They have to finish the video game . They have to finish . They help themselves . They can finish video game . You know may reading books . They got finish reading book . Lot of  guy's these is sign . When i see people that only read  first chapter or two chapter and they ask question shubham , what you think ? that i have thirty books that have started and i haven't finish well there is sign you don't like to finish thing's . You like things to give you easy . The that finish things , they always finish things . they gonna figure out way to finish things 

Circle out earn's them 

                        Let me explain you guy's in detail . So let's begin Imagine there is circle and inside circle you are there  circle is bigger than you in life , in money , in income , in lifestyle you are not . But  you have circle that out earns you or out succeeds you eventually going to be successful it's a formula . This is not a accidental thing . This is why you will notice some of the people that don't achieve success . They always want people smaller then them around them because it's make them feel bigger . The people that you meet super successful they always put themselves in situation where people are bigger then them because it's a next platform , next level .

Mind never stop 

                        Let me explain you in detail . so let 's begin . Oh you know  what ? . What if this happen and what if i have this life ? What if i talk to this person ? What if i go  here . What if we figure this out ? they are in bed and they are still thinking . You know what  , let me......we should do this . You know earlier we are talking about this thing three hours ago ? . I was thinking about it and i think we need to do this and what if we did this because this could happen .... there mind just never stop . Like a beautiful mind , it never stop 

Credible people see them going places 

                        Let me explain you in detail . So let's begin . Let's say i meet john and john has a principle a pastors , the football coach , the uncle and a total different person that he work for at a company . They all say " This guy going places . he's going places . If those five give their answer base on authentic , real answer . This cat is going places why? because this five people pastor , coach, boss , principal , teacher whatever . This five spend endless hour with this cat . They know his flaws . They know his habits . They know he likes to finish things . They know he spends time with people that are ahead of him . They know how competitive he is . They know that . So somebody says that credibility there . So credible people believe in you . Credible people see you going places

Always learning 

                      Let me explain you guy's in detail. So let's begin . So you are a student . They will not stop learning . They can't stop learning . They can't help themselves . They want to know this . They want to get better at this . There's constant desire to want to be better student and learn more 

Extremely obsessive 

                     Let me explain you guy's in detail . So let's begin . They are extremely obsessive . Like i have to have this . Don't get confuse let me explain . If you were really able to dissect the mind of an obsessive person , it would concern lot of people . Because they would say is these person really think that way ? .  They really do think that way . They really want .. what they want and they really end up what they want , because they have to have it . They are obsessive about it and anytime they obsessive about it . They start figure out creative ways to get what they want . If it's girl, if it's car , if it's home , if it's lifestyle . They are going to figure out a way to get it because they are obsessive . They have to have it . They are wired that way 

So those are seven sign were you and i can tell if someone is going to be successful or not      

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