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Friday, October 26, 2018

What if sun disappear ..????


What if sun disappear ..????

                   What will happen if sun suddenly disappear for one  hour , one  day ,  one month , one year if sun disappear what will happen ....?????. For your kind information sun is closet to earth . Sun light's hit's to surface of earth making it warm for living organism to live on . Plants convert solar energy into chemical energy because of sun  process called as photosynthetic . But what will happen if sun suddenly disappear ...???.  It is imaginary but  if it's really happen  then what will happen ...??? so let's come see what will happen

When light gone down after sun disappear 

                After sun disappear  the sky  will be dark . Sun is only thing  because of her gravitation force he keep all planet together and force to move planet around us  . after sun disappear moon also disappear from sky . People on day side of planet would notice that sun light going out and some on night side will see that moon light fade out . There will be no light. if sun is completely gone temperature is completely drop down ten to  five degree or more instantly .

               Trees and Plant will die if sun will not there . Light takes eight minutes to reach earth from sun . for example if your are . A light minute is a distance that light can travel in single minute for example if you are on mars and your friend on earth let imagine you both have good telescope  to see each other if you wave to your friend he or she will see you only in thirty minutes  depending upon how far mars is be at moment . Here another example  if sixty million light yr's away there wherein a few boost creatures that had powerful telescopes they would be see dinosaur in the world. As we know nothing in universe can travel faster than light . So after sun disappear from space it will take eight minute's for these news to reach us 

After sun disappear .......

                   We all know plants convert solar energy into chemical energy because of sun the process called as photosynthetic  . these process will also stop after sun disappear and must important all living organism need oxygen plant's are giving to us by taking carbon dioxide if sun not there plant will not produce oxygen. It  might sound like serious issue but isn't it . All living organism would still have enough oxygen to breath for about another thousand year's 

It would be extremely cold 

                  Yes ! it would be extremely cold . With out any source of heat earth will cool down very fast . In just first week the earth will be thirty one degree fahrenheit  or zero degree celsius . It might does't sound scary right  taking into account fuels that we have most likely we would fine without sun for the first few month's . After end of first year without sun it would so cold that only one way  for all organism to survive would be to go underground very deep as possible near to core . The closer we live near to core better changes we have to survive but that would need lot of digging. 

Ocean would freeze over

   Because of extreme temperature the surface of ocean might end up massive skating rink but surface only it not that ice would be thin and you have to think twice before you jump on that surface . Thing is has been expected  that liquid water would continue to exist at the bottom of ocean million or billions of year it would not be freeze because the earth core would be very hot .

Living organism 

  Some living organism would be fine but only  small creatures for example those who live in mariana trench could survive because they don't required photosynthetic . They can easily convert heat into energy any time or as per requirement so as long as water would be liquid organism would be live 

            so what you think sun is important for us or not tell me in comment section 

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