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Sunday, December 16, 2018

How to get Job

                      hello friends ! my name is shubham deshmukh are you mechanical engineering or engineer  from other field . Are you still fresher ? and searching the job ? . Then don't worry . i will help you to get the job easily. These article not only for engineer . But it for each and every professional . Who is looking for the job . My goal to write these article . To support my young friends . Those who are searching the job .
how to get job easily
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         But not knowing the right path . To search and get it .

How to get job easily

       To remove completely the factors like fake consultancies or placement agencies . To fulfill the gap between candidates and recruiters and to minimise the unemployment (specially for engineer ) . Well i would like to share my own experience as i am mechanical engineer . Friends when i came to city after completion of my graduation . I  had no any reference or a good friend circle . Which  can help me to get the job . So what i did . I  get up early in the morning and wind up all the things as soon as possible . And with the bunch of resume copies . Would visit each and every company gate on my way . Asking for any vacancy and put my resume in resume box

                  I continue it all most for three week . But what i got in hands was nothing . But only frustration , lot of tension and then weakness . This way i totally fail . ...So what next ? One of  my relative took me to a consultacy and i paid RS 500 as registration fee . Their were if you want job in small scale company then , you need to pay one month salary amount after selection  or if you want job in multi- national company then . First you need to pay one month salary amount . Then we will arrange a interview

               any how they won my trust . I paid them RS 10,000 . To get the job in force motor . Then i wasted my six months waiting for interview call , each and every day they were promising that they will arrange my interview . Then after they started to tell that we have arrange your interview on this day and guess what ? that day was never coming . After lot of argument emotional drama . I took back my RS 10,000 ohh.. god thank's for that . After that i again register 4 to 5 consultancies hoping that i will get at least 1- 2 interview calls and yes finally got one and got selected also . Salary was rs 10,000 and paid RS 5000 to the consultancy and remaining had to be paid from first salary amount

             But i left the job withing 10 day's . As i felt it was not right job for me . As i wanted to become designer and engineer , joined tool design course . The six months course took 8 - 9 months to complete . After all they also did not give a call of good company . However finally got one reference and got selected as trainee for a press tool design , it was not my dream company , but was good for starting and gave a new shape to my career . After 10 to 15 days . I began receiving interview call and that also 8 to 10 within a month but i could not attempt them

           As i made work agreement in the current company , but the question is . How i got these interview call ..? do you want to know ? ok i will tell you . I was using the specific method to search the job that i will explain you stepwise

  • I was searching the mechanical  design engineer on the linkedin professional network 
  • Then i found out the good design engineer working in multi-national company 
  • Then i made list of all current and previous companies of the designer 
           The logic behind these was . If someone got a job multi- national company , by taking experince in his previous  x company . Then i will also get the good multi- national company , by getting the job in x company

  • Then i search all company in google to get HR MAIL ID and contact numbers 
  • Then i simply forward my resume with good cover letter 
  • These has work for me and it will work for you too....
  • You have to continue each and every day  at least 1 to 2 months and then result start come within two months try and get it 

Source to get job

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