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Monday, May 27, 2019

Proven Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use) (2019)


Links are important for SEO. And link building should therefore definitely be part SEO strategy.
But most important, link building should be part of your growth strategy
Links should help generate traffic to your web site directly.
In Link Building Strategies (That ANYONE Can Use), I will describe six important steps for a successful link building strategy.

Why link building is important …??

Links help your pages to rank higher in Google and Yahoo search results,
This post explains step-by-step why link building important. That’s perfectly true. That, however, is not the only thing links do.
Good links will also help in getting more traffic to your website.
Also when you determine your link building strategy you should keep one thing in mind:
The main reason links were invented was to send you off to pages you might enjoy as well.
Use links as a strategy for the growth of your website audience.
And also place links on sites that will actually generate traffic to your own website.

Six steps for successful link building:

  • know your audience.
  • Then make a list of websites which appeal to your desired audience.
  • Write awesome stunning content.
  • But most important content should match to websites.
  • Make infographic and images.
  • Place them in the right place in your article.
  • Reach out to site owner.

Types of links :

There are usually two types of Back Linking method: one is Do-Follow back Link and the other is No-Follow Back Link.
Also a good link drives traffic to your site first .

No follow

No-Follow is a simple method here we put another site’s anchor text on our page and it will be redirected to another site to another site
But a website will not be ranked in this method and also NoFollow Back Links will not be given priority by the search engine.


It tells a positive message about our website to Google and Yahoo search engine.
Also, there are two types of Do-Follow backlinks: High PR and Low PR Do-Follow backlinks.

Improve link building :

Improve your link building strategy use these tips and tricks.
First, we have to use both methods in the ratio of 70:30 that is “use 70% of Do-Follow and 30% of No-Follow.
This link building will make our website a well-trusted site for search engine and help to improve ranking.
Also, Backlinks given from high PR websites pass more credit through to your own.
Some of the link building Strategy that you should use .

  • Guest posting.
  • Directory Submission.
  • Blog commenting.
  • Paid Links.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Building links on Q/A sites.
  • Web2.0 links. ( not recommended )

Guest posting :

Guest blogging is one of the oldest link building strategy.
How does it work?
You write an article for another website in your niche. They publish it on their website in return you will get powerful Do-follow backlink.
It’s as simple as that.

If you’re sending emails for a guest post, you know that there’s no shortage of best practices and tips out there.
But Important things is that getting a response is critical to your guest post success.
The positive response also depends entirely on the quality of email you send out to the blogger. Agree?
So, if you don’t have time to create new email templates for dozens of different situations in your guest post work.
Or you looking for something specific to what you’re trying to accomplish in your guest blogging efforts,
These proven and tested emails definitely are going to make it easy for you.
I’ve put together a collection of 3 great email templates that you can use to get your guest post published on any website

source :
source :
Source :

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a very important SEO strategies
That your website must rank higher in google and yahoo search engines.
If you can put your website in High domain authority directory submission sites certainly have a good ranking on the google search engine. 
Directory submission is one of best off-page method which helps in building links from different websites.
Directory submission lists, we can find multiple URLs for submitting our internal pages and root domains.
Also, Some Directory submission sites provide paid link which is instant ranking and some of them will provide both free & paid links.

Blog commenting:

Blog Commenting is the best way to increase engagement.
This process will help in getting #1rank on google and as well as we can also increase traffic to our website.
In Blog Commenting, we will find articles which are related to our articles and submit our blog link in the comment section will give us one backlink.

Paid Links.

These links you can get by paying a certain amount to the third party.
Also, It is recommended to work on generating rich content, Create links stick to Google guidelines.
You will get paid link opportunity from facebook , pinterest .

Social Bookmarking:

We can submit our link to various sites in social bookmarking just like the social profile post.
Best part is we can submit any number of links In these social bookmarking sites.
With Social Bookmarking you can easily rank any youtube video.

Building links on Q/A websites.

Posting your answers on the Q/A sites example Quora, Yahoo answer with a link back to our main website.
You can get more visitors from this Q/A sites
Web 2.0 links
In past,
Web 2.0 site was used to make powerful backlinks but now they are not as effective as before
Because many bloggers make many accounts and then put low-quality content (Spin articles from articles sites) on them
and Also try to get backlinks from there so try to avoid it.
Today’s SEO (2019) is all about good Quality content if you have good traffic on your web 2.0 blog
And have good quality content then it may be helpful for you and your website.
Tip: Focus more on the comment sections of the blog where the moderator is actively responding to commenters and allows relevant link placements in the comments.
This will not only improve the chances of your link approved
But will also provide an opportunity to form relationships with influencers 


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