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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Proven Facebook affiliate marketing strategies Generate 1million $


Lot's of the affiliate marketer is searching for a different platform to promote their affiliate product.

there are many ways to promote affiliate products some are paid or free.

But this post is especially for beginners who not have money to spend on ads.

In this post, I am going to show you my personal, proven, free facebook affiliate marketing strategies that generate me around 1 million $.

So let's begin

But before I go in deep how this facebook affiliate marketing strategies work.

I want to tell you that Facebook is the best platform to promote affiliate products.

because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

And with my proven facebook affiliate marketing strategies,

I am dam sure you will make at-least yes I said at-least 100 $ a day totally free ( if you take action ).

If you are beginner not having experience with affiliate marketing and not having money to spend on ads you can start using my method.

Also, don't worry I will show you step-by-step how this method work

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Point's cover facebook affiliate marketing strategies

Facebook affiliate strategy

Before I start how this method work I want to tell you that do not read take action.

If you take action I guarantee you that. After 10 days you will start making free $ 100.

Step #1

Create you facebook account and please use new fresh email address.


After creating facebook account start sending a friend request and using that new facebook account make 5000 facebook friends.

This will not ordinary friends this are very targeted friends and I call them buyer friend

Because i build facebook profile . people who I know buy digital product's or they buy e-learning courses.

So they are extremely targeted, and In my facebook account, I have over 4000 to 5000 friends who I know buy digital 

Step 3 how to find buyer friend's

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

So I actually go to this facebook group of other vendors ( example Kevin David), who have launch courses,

who put all their buyer friends in their mastermind group.

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

And I just add those people who are active in those groups to be my friend on Facebook

so I built some buyer friends and I started posting stuff on my timeline

that's gonna show in their timeline and get them to engage with my content

Also with the other methods, I offer free pdf and like these, I earn money with free traffic

also, guys, if you send too many friends requests Facebook disable your account permanently and you will lose your buyer friends

so if you want advance technique of these method means how to send unlimited Facebook friend requests daily without getting put in facebook jail also how to set up Facebook chat BOTS

And get some conversion rate like me my recommendation you should buy tripwire traffic my experience with this course is wonderful I have learned a lot even though I am still below 50% completion

Aiden has explained this Facebook method in detail also Aiden is responsive and active to all the questions asked in the course

I really respect the knowledge he has in this field and the willingness to help others succeed

so guys reserve your exclusive spot on tripwire buyer traffic course now and you could be profiting from Facebook in next 24 hours remember it

And provide you follow the strategy and are prepared to put in some work also when you enrol

you'll learn the only tested, proven an unbeatable way to win with Facebook

Also, most courses give you an overview of a method

But very few take your hand and guide you to success Aiden does.

Is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook?

This is a common question many new affiliate marketers have been asking: is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook?

If you ask the same question in 2010 or Before that the answer is yes

It is possible, But now 2019 is going on and Facebook is updating her algorithm daily

To give better user experience to her active user's.

But even today Affiliate marking is allowed on Facebook you can post affiliate links on Facebook,

but that does not mean you can spam everybody with your affiliate links in your Facebook posts if 

you do facebook will not leave you

According to my experience, if you try to promote links directly on Facebook,

Facebook will ban your link and you can't promote your affiliate product. Now the question is?

how to promote affiliate link on facebook without getting ban

My method

Create your presence

First, create a facebook page,

After creating Invite your buyer friends to like or follow your page.

Give value (example see how I made 100$ for free click here ) and try to collect their email address.

Can I post affiliate links on my Facebook page?

If you want to post an affiliate link directly on the facebook page, please don't

Because there are some link's prohibited by facebook.

If you try to post those link, Facebook will give you a warning message.

And you can share those link legally but you want to do a facebook security check.

My method

Mostly I use URL shorteners to short my link and it's work very well for me but Sometimes, using URL shortened won’t work.

I use a linking plugin from my WordPress site called PrettyLinks, or, I send people directly to my sales funnel to capture the email address.

Payment proof 2019 updated June

facebook affiliate marketing strategies
facebook affiliate marketing strategies

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