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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Webinarjam Review [2019] My Personal Journey With webinarjam | Bonus 2997 $


Are you trying to sell stuff online?

Then I’m sure you will agree that converting visitors into sales is hard.

And getting yourself profitable? That even harder.

But there is a simple secret to increasing the value of every customer you sell to:

Stop This article is very large and if you do not have time to read these  article then you can watch the video below

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019]

What is the webinar?

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 

A webinar is an online seminar or workshop delivered over the internet.

For webinar

It as a host who organizes the event and host invite attendee.

And this attendee located anywhere in the world.

The host sends e-mail typically to invite attendee.

Attendee clicks on the link on that email.

Which take into the webinar hosting provider

In today's post, I’m going to introduce you to webinar jam, the software I’m using to build my business.

You don’t need any technical knowlegde on how to use it, and it will really change the way you run your business.

What is the webinar jam? 

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019]

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 
If you are checking this.

Either you determine that live video is the way to grow your business.

And the next step is to find the best webinar platform to get you and your brand in the world

Or you already have gone a webinar platform.
and they s##k.

By that I mean

It's too hard to use, it's too unreliable, they are too expensive

That's right

When you think webinars

You have to spend 100 and thousands of dollar a month

Because that's other platform's are charging.

and maybe even you can make that work for you

And there has to be a better way? right

All new 2019 webinar jam

WebinarJam is the most advanced webinar platform in the world.
one of the least expensive that's not a coincidence

Even just a few years ago streaming video on the internet was so
  • complex
  • unreliable and cutting edge
  • it has to have a high price tag

And Company like go to webinar
  • It has a ridiculously high price
  • clunky downloads
  • lacklustre presentation.
But Webinar jam is a platform that takes advantage of the latest technology to give you.

The webinar you deserve at the price you can afford.

Finally, webinar's for everybody

It's you :

  • the teacher explaining marketing technique to the remote class.

It's you:

  • Telling your client around the country what a new health care bill is going to mean for them

It's you:

the business coach - helping dozen's of entrepreneurs make their start, with the plug and play videos

And slides backing up your talking points.

It's you the author: giving hundreds even thousand's of eager fan's taste of your new mystery thriller.

And then sending them to your own online store.

It's you the human resources manager: on-boarding a group of new employees at division around the world

Explaining their benefit's package and their office hour's

It's you the nutrient's, making the perfect anti-oxidant, life-lengthening smoothie

It's you the fitness coach: talking to your students through the routine of their lives whether they

lives in Brazil or Bali.

These is your chance

  • weather You just starting out with webinars

These is your chance

  • to grow your business
  • Attract new customer
  • Increase your email marketing reach
  • Lower your marketing and traffic cost
  • Boost your sales conversion Profit and create a respected brand
Now may you are thinking, hmm ok, sound's good.

So what is the experience going to be like for me?

Is there any hassle setting webinar jam?

Do I have to download something?

Do I have to be a computer genius?

The answer is no .... everybody can do this

With a webinar jam, you can do board casting less than 5 minutes

Even if you never did webinar before.

Webinar jam is easy to use.

Because of training videos and a deep knowledge base. hold your hand through every step on the way.

Starting your first webinar campaign is a snap

In the webinar jam, you will get ton's of premade register template

that you can modify those template

Extensively, to customize them for your business, your brand no web designer or webmaster required.

Once you on the air you are the conductor, you are the star

Share your screen and demonstrate.

Show your camera and interact.

Upload your slide show and video's

Broadcast your presentation in high definition video ....hassle free

chat up with your audience

Share some files with them

So they have your latest brochure or sales letter.

Your audience is everybody

Doesn't matter if are on MAC or PC or LINUX

Doesn't matter what browser they are using or doesn't matter if there are on a mobile device or using IOS or using Android devices.

There is no download required

Webinar jam system even adjusts the quality of video according to their internet speed Example like youtube.

After the webinar's end's Webinar jam give you performance feedback, detail analytics
or track in real time and webinar jam cutting edge all live dashboard.

You know how many register

How many showed up

When they left and for those who missed a webinar you can show an exact replay of your webinar.
with every important detail.

What does webinar jam offer?

Well, everything you could possibly need.

Every presentation taught with the virtual room.

It can be a little room, It can be a big room or theatre hall

With a webinar jam, you can get all of those room in one software without the sky-high fees.

Your audience can talk with you, fully feature chat system during your webinar

With webinar jam

  • you can interact with your audience.
  • You can answer individual question
  • work directly with your students or coaching clients

Do a quick google search

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019]

Type on google search bar chat roll software and you can see the price is around 99 $ a month just for a chat

The great news is chat roll included and No extra cost

Webinar jam's for a beginner ?

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 

Even if you just starting off it has all the tool you need to make a good presentation

Of course, you can share your computer screen.

But what if you want to show a pre-recorded video like a real-world demonstration, interview or case study

It is easy to do just pre-load your video's and play them back for your audience any time during your webinar.

What If any one's want to deliver perfect sales page or content summary at the end of webinar that's great

Because with video injection technology
  • You can pre-record just your closing.
  • Edit out any errors.
  • Maximize the urgency
and then loaded it into webinar jam and use it when you are ready to turn your attendee's into customer

Through webinar you can teach, you can transform, you can transact.
webinar jam attendee limit

Let's say who want to call dozen's, hundred's or even thousand's of attendees on the webinar

Using attendee's spotlight you can invite any of your webinar attendees to instantly become a round table guest, even a host or webinar presenter in your live event at any time.

Let's you are promoting a product you have big fan's an audience

During webinar, you can ask your buyer to tell why they purchase your offer.

They can use a microphone, they can share their screen, even activate the web-camp and appear live to all of your attendee's

So you can ask you're great customer their experience with your product's

Let them tell everyone why you are the right person to trust.

New 2019 features of webinar jam.

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 

You can graphically display key question that your attendees say in a chat room with a clickable button.

So your attendee ask question example Jhon say something like hey do you take PayPal

Then you can answer it and it show's that answer to everyone in the live video stream.

Just like a network broadcast.

Because of these new 2019 webinar jam technology webinar jam also give's you social proof.

With a click transform any comment in your chat to be displayed in your stream to your audience

Example someone says I purchase all of your product and this is the best offer yet.

And you click feedback flow button and that statement is now visible in your live video stream for all of your attendees.

It probably helps you get some sale.

The second feature you can draw anything on screen live.

The third password protected webinar's

Fourth featured survey's

Are you ready to rock check out webinar jam

Webinar jam's active offer help you display a clickable graphic way in jam section room that take your attendees directly to your offer.

  • clean
  • Professional
  • polished
  • Most of all customizable.
Create your own offer and increase your conversion.

You can display count-down timer with a number of unit's left so you can drive the urgency and importance of your special offer

How I started earning 5 figures a month with Webinar Jam .

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019]

First of all, I want to tell how I made 3000 $ first webinar

It was about 6 to 7 month's ago.

I created an online course and I just basically thrive out the webinar.

I use the lead page's for my landing page

I use teachable to sell an online course.

Then I use webinar jam.

We have around 150 people sign-up and 30 people came it was really really great. It was successful by the end of my webinar I actually sold 7 spot live's of my online course.

Then, later on, I sold 8 spot's

And total I sold 15 spot's of my 200$ online course and I made 3000$.

That was my very first webinar.

Webinar jam is Awesome and easy to use.

Webinars are the only marketing medium that engages customers for 60+ minutes.

And 90% of viewers stay to watch the entire thing, compared with just 5% of a recorded video.

Plus, webinar marketing is effective. webinars convert 19% of viewers turn into purchasers.

I convert 7% of the people that sign up for my 200$ course.

Webinars are seriously impactful for getting your message across or selling a product.

WebinarJam Pricing

There are a total of 3 option
Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 

Basic :
  • WebinarJam’s Basic Plan costs $479/year.
  • This plan grants you up to 3 presenters per webinar, + 500 attendees per webinar,
  • 24/7 access to their support team.
  • Video Conferencing Features
  • Web Conferencing Features
  • Group Collaboration Features
  • WebinarJam’s Pro Plan costs around $783/year.
  •  This plan grants you up to 4 presenters per webinar, +1000 attendees per webinar,
  • 24/7 access to their support team.
  • User management
  • Admin feature controls
  • Assign scheduler
  • WebinarJam’s Premium Plan is cost around $997/year.
  • it’s not cheap. 
  • This Premium Plan grants you up to 6 presenters per webinar, + 5000 attendees per webinar,
  • 24/7 access to their support team
  • And much more
While the tool itself is pretty good because they provide tips & helpful videos along the way.

I’d make it even easier by showing you, step-by-step, what it looks like to create a webinar using WebinarJam.

I know it can feel intimidating to get started with something new —
and I want to make sure you don’t feel that way about getting started with webinars jams.

Webinar jams It’s really easy and so worth the impact on your business.

webinarjam 60-day trial

If you’ve been searching for a webinar software that has the live capability with high quality,
but it is expensive, then you’ll be happy to know

Webinarjam has a limited, special 60 Day Trial Pricing option.


It is pretty straightforward.

You get to test the full version of the software for the next 60 days.

If you’re ready to join, then Click Here To See If There’s Still Trial Spots Available.
See this is for a limited time, so I’m not sure how long this special backdoor 60-day trial price will last.

How to use WebinarJam

First Sign up for the 60 day trial for just $1.
Download their plugin, which will allow you to use the software in your browser.

Step by Step Start Guide How to use WebinarJam

Below there is a useful video if you want help setting up the various WebinarJam sections.

The Quick Start video, shown below by webinar jam, is the first tutorial you see when you log in to WebinarJam.

If you are just starting out and want a guide on running your first webinar...
Jamming with Friends is a step by step quick start guide.

In these, you will learn how to use Express Configuration for your Webinar,
how to go live,

How to invite your friends to become presenters and some favourite things to review after your webinar.

I created this guide to get you up to speed on how to use WebinarJam for all of your needs.

Read this: click here

WebinarJam Alternatives

If you’re not 1000% convinced that WebinarJam is the tool for you,
Here are some WebinarJam Alternatives

ever webinar

so it's not exactly the same as WebinarJam, but it does happen to be another one of my favourite marketing products.

We used EverWebinar to build a 5-figure passive income business in 10 days.

EverWebinar is a solution for evergreen automated webinars.

The EverWebinar main focus on rebroadcasting, making webinars on-demand for consumers.

The platform is ideal for small to medium level businesses who are looking to maximize the touch of their webinars by reusing them.

Wait do you want lifetime free webinar software

Aurora is best for you

One time payment 12 dollars and you will get webinar lifetime free.

Aurora - Lifetime free software 

Webinarjam Review [2019]
Webinarjam Review [2019] 

One time payment Lifetime free software 

Aurora is a sophisticated two-part software which has been designed and produced by Jono Armstrong

Overcome the many difficulties of getting Targetted Traffic to High Ticket Offers, using an
automated system.

Once you have set the system up it runs on autopilot in the background making passive income every day.

Aurora price: 12$ lifetime

Webinar jam & aurora bonus

Did my webinar jam & aurora review get you interested in talking about free 60-day & for aurora lifetime free

Why not get some extra help to start your webinar jam & aurora journey with these exclusive webinar jam & aurora bonuses.

Bonus #1  premium youtube course how to rank video's real price 2997 $ fro you free 

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