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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Adfly Review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from adfly and my strategy and bonus


Adfly Review

Do you want to make money with Adfly?

See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today's article, we're gonna be talking about Adfly.

The topic we will cover in Adfly Review

  • What is Adfly?
  • adfly payout rates
  • Can you make money with Adfly?
  • How much does Adfly pay per click?
  • adfly app
  • Adfly bot
  • adfly alternatives



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What is Adfly?
Adfly Review
Adfly Review

Adfly is a Url shortening website. A website which in itself is a bad thing.

However in many cases especially in the Minecraft modding community.
adfly is used as an ad-filled gateway.

Put between the site where you click the link and the destination

For Example, I used adfly on my website, I embedded the link in the download button.

Which was just a shortened version of the MediaFire link. is designed to allow you to earn money online by sharing ad revenue earned by the company.

You just need to copy their short link and post it on your websites or on social media example facebook or Instagram.

And if somebody click's on it, It will redirect on an adfly advertisement website

Here they have to wait for a few second's after a few seconds they can click on the skip button.

And then, they can go to the website they're supposed to go.

Finally, you will earn money.

In this shortener, the link contains advertisements from advertisers.

Adfly is free to use. People on this website have earned more than $ 10000 million.

Adfly is a scam free website and makes payment in 24 hr. Some people already made a 100k dollar
from this website.

Adfly It is easy to use, just need to sign up become a member and then they can start earning by shortening their links and sharing them on social media.

Adfly payout rates

Adfly Review
Adfly Review 

I use the adfly network for many years.

As I told Adfly is a Pay per click network, where your audience clicks a link provided by you.

And adfly redirect on advertisement website where they want to wait for five seconds

And then revenue shared to the publisher depending on the number of clicks received for each link.

Adfly offers 15 dollars per 1000 views. But it depends on the country.

Example country like united states adfly offers 15 dollars per 1000 views.

But adfly changes her payout rate daily basis it is not permanent.

Its payout rates depend upon visitor location, number of clicks.

It minimum cash out is 5 dollar.

Which is easy to reach and you can withdrawal through PayPal, payza and Payoneer.

It pays monthly basis and adfly referral commission is very unique as compared to other URL shortener website.

Adfly pay per referral 20 % commission.

Adfly payment method and minimum withdrawal

  • Through Paypal, you can withdraw a minimum 5 $.
  • Through Payoneer, you can withdraw a minimum 10 $.
  • Through Payza, you can withdraw a minimum 5 $.

Adfly referral program

Adfly referral program is unique and eye-catching because it offer a 20 % commission.

If you refer to the advertiser you will get 5 % commission.

This kind of unique and eye-catching referral program you will not get anywhere.

Don't miss this opportunity to join now to start making money online.


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Types of link

Desktop CSV

Interstitial ads: Interstitial ads are fullscreen ads that cover the entire interface on the website or host apps.

It shows for 5 sec.

Framed banner ads: these ads show on top of the website.

Mobile CPM

Interstitial ads: In this type of ads you will earn money ( it depends on the country ) per 1000 views on mobile phone but visitor needs to see ads at-least 5 sec.

Top banner: You will make money per 1000 impression form banner ads.

Raw and unique

Raw: average amount paid per 1000 view is updated in 24 hours.

Can you make money with Adfly?

Yes, you can make huge money with adfly.

I have already made 79,234$ totally free using adfly.

I will cover

  • Adfly account creation.
  • Tour on adfly.
  • Adfly link promotion.
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So let's get started

Create an adfly account.

Open up your browser, and go to

If you have any trouble to access Adfly website. you can contact me.

Then click on Join now.

                               Sign up 

Adfly Review
Adfly Review

Fill it with your details, like your name, email, password and so on,


                                        click here 

Adfly Review
Adfly Review 

And in account type, we want to choose to link shrinker.

Once you are done doing all that, you gonna finally need to complete human check,

Complete human check and don't forget to check i agree.

Then click on join.

After clicking the join now they will send you a verification email. Open your email inbox and click on verify your email address.

And then you will get verified! So that’s it! Now you are successfully created your adfly account.

What inside adfly.

You know the link sharing is a very common thing among internet users.

Most of us share at least a couple of links online on a daily basis.

So my question is why don’t we take advantage of this and Share that link and get paid.

You don’t need to deviate from what you do normally. Instead, do some smart things with them to make your online time to money.

The first thing I like about Adfly is its interface.

Adfly has a very user-friendly interface.
Adfly Review
Adfly Review

This is the adfly dashboard.

On the dashboard the first thing you will notice, menu. Which contain some Quick links to home,

Referrals, Tools, Withdraw, forum, support etc.

And under that, there is a shrinking box!.

The place where you can shrink your links and below that you can see your earning and the performance graph, so that’s all.

how to create an Adfly link

What you need to do first you need a random link and once you have

Click inside and past the link and click on shrink button.

You will see the original link get shortened (See below image )

Promote the link and start making some money online.

However Adfly is a CPM or cost per mille based platform, and the CPM rate for each of us may differ in terms of certain things,

For example: From which country your links get most of the clicks and one of the good-paying
countries are

America, so try to target mostly the American audience, Anyway, you will get 1-10$ per thousand clicks.


                                        click here 

How to promote the adfly link

You can create an account on blogger and start writing an article.

The example you can create a review on the software you can say

“Hey you can download this software for free, I will put the links below in the video description

So most the viewers will go there and click on the Adfly link.

And Make sure you viewers getting the right thing and they benefit from it and please do not spam, spamming will leads to account termination.

Method 2

Another way you can promote your adfly links on youtube.

You can comment on Youtube with these links, and make sure it is appropriate and relevant

Trust me the guy's this work.

You can post your links on! Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google plus,

And there are so many other social networking, forums and other sites on the internet.

You can use QUORA give an answer and at the end give your adfly link.

How much does Adfly pay per click?

I use AdFly for many years.

Adfly is a PPC network,

where your audience clicks on the link and redirects to a sponsor website were they want to wait for five seconds

And then revenue would generate depend's on the country and amount of click received from each link.

According to adfly Per 1000 click's you will get 15 $.

But the untold truth is

You will make money only when you target high tier country.

Usually, publishers get views anywhere all around the world and publisher earning depends on the country.

Adfly app


                                        click here 
Adfly Review
Adfly Review

You can also download the adfly app from here.

Adfly app

Adfly bot my strategy and journey 100,000$ with adfly.

Let's see how to increase your Adfly account views using bots.

Step 1: Download bot from here

After downloading extract it.

Step 2: Download updated proxies 2019 click here

Using adfly bot you will make at least 100 $ a day for free.

Adfly alternative.

Adfly is the best way to make money online by shortening and sharing shorten link on social media.

Adfly is oldest and trusted the website and with a good payout and here are some best adfly alternative and much better than adfly.



                                        click here 

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Wcchub / Author & Editor

My name is shubham deshmukh founder and writeof blog here you will get various type of blog like motivation , information blog and much more .


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