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Sunday, April 12, 2020

instaGC review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from instaGC & my strategy

instaGC review

Do you want to make money with instaGC ?

See below my proof

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today’s article, we’re gonna be talking about instaGC .

The topic we will cover in Adfly Review

  • My instaGC  payment proof 
  • What is instaGC ?
  • instaGC payout rates
  • Can you make money with instaGC ?
  • How much does instaGC pay per click?
  • instaGC alternatives

My instaGC  payment proof 

From instaGC  i made more than 4000$ free 

What is instaGC and how does instaGC work ?

instaGC is a reward site or get paid to site

it’s available all around the world

so as long as you have access to PayPal can accept paypal payments .

you can actually work on this opportunity  

they use a point system to pay you for the things that you do online.

For example : if you do surveys , watching videos etc etc

don’t worry the points can be redeemed for real money or gift cards that’s why it’s called instaGC .

For example see above image

the point system works so one point is basically equivalent to one cent (1 point = 0.1)

hundred points is equivalent to a dollar (100 point = 1$)

the beautiful part is  you can just go ahead and then just redeem these points .

For example see above image

you can see in the image  there are various gift cards that you can redeem .

And don’t worry if you don’t want  to do a gift card

you can also redeem it as cash by paypal or a check or direct deposit  option is also available .

let me just tell you something before we dive in here you’re not gonna make a lot of money doing these things .

here I do have hack that I will share with you at the end of this psot that will help you make hundreds if not thousands of dollars .

Here are some ways that you can make money from instaGC 

first videos

watching videos , yes you will get 1 to 2 points for every video you watch

so with this particular company you would earn 1.5 point for 20 minutes of video.

 again that’s not a lot of money to earn for spending so much time watching a video .

visiting website

second best way to earn money from instaGC is visiting website .

you can also earn points for visiting websites

So here you can earn 0.5 points to visit the website.

so that’s not bad considering how many websites we all visit

but again this is not life-changing money here .

downloading apps

third best way to earn money from instaGC is downloading apps .

If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download these apps and you can make money

See above image for example

so as you can see for particular app you can earn 58 points which is equivalent to 58 cents for downloading this app.

and with some of the apps they actually pay you a lot
more .

if you end up doing something like achieving a level or taking some type of activity  .

So keep in mind apps can really help you make a lot of money with this particular opportunity  .


fourth best way to earn money from instaGC is surveys .

you can see above image for 15 minutes you can earn 60 points .

which is basically 60 cents , but it’s not a lot of money .

and you’re spending a lot of time completing these surveys .

but you can definitely make money doing that so as you can see

the various ways you can earn with instaGC .

Can you make money with instaGC ?

now the the question is how much money you can make with instaGC and does any of this stuff actually work and the answer is yes it does

I’ve actually made hundreds of dollars with instaGC .

some of it’s because of the activities that you saw just now

but a lot of the money that I make is because of a hack .

that I’ll show you at the end of the post.

so keep reading

image 3:45

so according to the Better Business Bureau this company has a very positive rating which is pretty good .

But i found some complaints that

people are saying that it’s very time consuming to earn some rewards .

see it depends on skill means how much time you give to complete surveys , downloading apps and how much time you take to complete one survey

Second complaint i found ……sometimes people have claimed that their accounts have been shut down for no reason

but a lot of times it’s because folks are violating terms and conditions and don’t realize it 

but that’s some of the the complaints that people had on instaGC .

but for the most part most people are happy with this opportunity

but for the most part most folks are happy with this opportunity.

instaGC payout rates

the one things about instag cg as compare to another GPT website is you can withdraw using gift card .

On the website there are 11 pages and each pages there are many gift cards and you can choose any one of them to withdraw .

as i told before also one point = 0.5 $ cents .

the minimum amount you need to withdraw your money from paypal or a skill is 1 $

if you want there are other optuion available

first is direct deposit

second check .

you can also donate some part of your money to the charity if you want

charity names

  • Make A Wish
  • Autism Speaks
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

the minimum amount you can donate to charity is 0.01$

instagc sign up bonus

When you sign-up with instagc , just conform your email address and instantly you will get 2 $ as a bonus .

instagc Alternative

so if you are looking for similar websites like instagc to make extra income .

The number one site i recommended is Swagbucks. don’t worry it is legitimate website and similar like instagc .

The number two site i recommended is PointsPrize . don’t worry it is also legitimate website and similar like instagc .

The number two site i recommended is GrabPoints . don’t worry it is also legitimate website and similar like instagc .

My Advice

there are a lot of GPT websites out there like cash create and price rebel all of these are quite good .

they’re all legitimate 

but you’re not really gonna make that much money from it.

there are much better options out there .

so I’ve actually been marketing online now for almost 6 years .

when I first started in 2015 I did exactly what you were doing right now

I did a lot of research online .  I’ve tried GPT websites before.

I tried all these different strategies to try and make money online .

but a lot of them really you know I wasn’t making that much money at all  .

 it wasn’t until 2018 that I really figured out how to do well on the internet .

and I’ve done very well with something called affiliate marketing 

And basically in 2016 found someone online who explained to me

how to really do very well with internet marketing on the internet.

since then after implementing a very very specific way to market to people online

I’ve since gone on to making tens of thousands of dollars in my business 100% online  .

And I’ve sold products to hundreds of people globally now  .

and I use a business model called affiliate marketing .

What is affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is is when you take a digital product and you sell it to someone

who might be in the next town or halfway across the world online 

and when they buy that product you make a commission a very very simple business mode .

but the complicated part is understanding and learning how to get people to buy things on the internet .

because it’s it’s not that simple if you don’t know what you’re doing

if you know what you’re doing it’s actually very very easy  .

again you can make some money from insta g:c and websites like it

but I think that if you’re going to be investing you know three four or five hours a day

you may as well do something that can actually give you a good return on investment  for the time that you’re putting in .

so if you want to learn to do exactly what I’m doing

                                 Click here 

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