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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Remotasks Review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from Remotasks & my strategy


Remotasks Review 2020 

                                     Do you want to make money with Remotasks ?

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today’s article, we’re gonna be talking about Remotasks.

The topic we will cover in Remotasks Review

  • What is a Remotask?
  • How much can you earn from Remotasks?
  • Do tasks get paid?
  • Is Remotasks com legit?
  • What is Remotask lidar?
  • Do simple tasks and earn money?


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What is a Remotask ?

you might be doing some research on this particular website here is called Remotask .

So read this whole blog because you might decide that it’s a little bit of a waste of your time .

It just depends on who you are and what you’re looking to do online .

so remote tasks is a website where you get paid cents (0.1$) per task that you complete .

some of these tasks include labeling cars or surfaces , image tagging etc

i will stress that you get paid cents per task not dollars and you’ll be lucky to make even just two dollars an hour

So please keep that in mind before continuing to read this article .

This isn’t going to make you rich  that’s for sure

If you want to sign you can use my referral link in the below and you’ll get an extra five dollars once you earn five dollars .

so after logging in just click on training centre here they show you a bunch of different options for courses

you can take to unlock different tasks that you can later complete for money .

the first training course I decided to take was under categorization called sky occlusion .

Where you answer questions about an image website or text simple .

so just go through the steps and then click start to begin training

so as you go through these steps they’ll give you a list of instructions before you take the test .

You don’t need to worry about failing the test .

Since they do allow you retries until you get it right .


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Is Remotasks traning easy ?

the training is pretty easy you have to identify when object is obstructed or not .

And check that the object labels are correct

Go through the training materials but don’t spend too much time on it

because you’ll get the hang of it as you’re doing it

And then you’ll do a pop quiz answering questions about the material you read .

 For example in this question they asked me to select yes .

when the annotation includes a single object and its label is correct

so in the quiz I had to select which of the pictures should be labeled as yes

then they’ll say if you pass the question to go on to the next one.

 you’ll answer a few questions and then go on to do a practice task

now i don’t want to show you every step to this since the training is quite long .

but as an example if you get something wrong don’t worry they will tell you

how accurate your response was and then they let you fix your answers until you get it right

How much Remotasks  will pay you for one task ? 

After completing one task , I went to Remotask dashboard and then it showed me my grand total of 0.9$ .

which is ridiculously low and works out to 1.5 cents per task .

So I decided to try a few more tasks

After trying 2 more task i made 1.9$ .

which is shockingly low again

I would not do or recommend this job unless you are seriously in need of money and have no other options .

And if you’re willing to work all day long then this is OK for you .

If you live in a country where the cost of living is very very low this is an option for you

because this is a way you can make some money even if you have a lot of time in your hands and anyone can do it .

So you can see here that I only made 18 cents after doing 2 tasks that probably took me 20 minutes to do

What is Remotasks  lidar?

so remote tasks also has another section called lead our tasks and

I have read that people who do these lead our courses get paid higher rates per task .

rather than getting paid cents per task they get paid dollars .

But it will depend on your task accuracy .

so I did some research and found some screenshots of others who do these tasks

and they were paid anywhere from $0.5to $1 per task

but again that pay rate would vary on how accurate your job was

Again these tasks might take you longer to do so I’m not sure what that works out in an hour

how much can i earn from remotask  ?

now the question is is how much money can you really make from Remotasks ?

right now on average you will make about 0.5$ to 1 $ per hour

so think about that for a second it’s not as much money as you think all right

And a lot of these websites to be honest they’re not designed to make you rich right

so if you look at websites you know other GPT websites like swag bucks or inbox dollars .

they only pay you 0.1$ per action that you take so every five minutes you spend on those sites .

you make about 0.1$ cents

now this website they pay you a little bit more . so it’s about a 0.5$ to 1$ per hour .

but it’s still pretty manual stuff , you know you’re transcribing your drawing blocks around stuff .


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Math remotasks  & Do simple tasks and earn money?

so let’s do the math here let’s just say you spent 4 hours a day on this website working for remotetask

how much are you making that’s 4 $ per day if you’re working a four hours

how much is that per month that’s 120$ that you’re making .

Can i become rich with remotask  ? 

you might be saying well that’s real money that’s true

but the per hourly basis that you’re making is so little think about that you’re making 1$ per hour .

yes it’s online yes you can do it from home

but you would make more money painting fences you would make more money cleaning swimming pools does that make sense .

so just because it’s online and yes you can make you know a 1 $ per hour

doesn’t necessarily make it the best option for you to make money on the internet

I hope that makes sense right

so a lot of people you know they don’t … they don’t kind of understand they’re like oh wow it’s online

I get to you know be from home and I’ll make a little bit of money

but I mean how is a 120$ per month going to change your life

like if you’re on food stamps and you can’t feed yourself sure you know a 1 $ per hour is better than nothing right

but if you’re somebody who is here and you want to make money on the internet

and you just don’t know how then I can tell you that Remotasks and websites like Remotasks .

they don’t really make much sense honestly

because the amount of money that you’re making per hour is so so low .

you know you should be making 50$ to 100$  per hour right

that’s how much I earn I earned $100 per hour on my on my business online .

So how to make real money (1000$ a day )?

I was you 6 years ago 2015 I came online I was working a corporate job doing okay in corporate .

but I hated my job I hated my life I had no time to spend with anyone

I was working 12-hour days …..6 to 7 days a week

so like you I came online I went onto the internet and I googled

how do I make money online

how do i …you know earn income from the internet

my first 8 years 2011 – 2016 I spent more than 90,000$ of my salary trying to figure out what works what doesn’t

what’s a good business model , what’s a bad business model it was just the most frustrating time in my entire life

and then something magical happened in 2016

I invested in a program that taught me exactly how to sell digital products online



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