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Saturday, April 11, 2020

ySense Review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from ySense & my strategy

ySense review

Do you want to make money with ySense review   ?

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another superstar SEO blog my name is Shubham Deshmukh

In today’s article, we’re gonna be talking about ySense review .

The topic we will cover in ySense

  • What is ySense?
  • Is ySense com legit?
  • How does ySense make money?
  • ysense review quora
  • ysense referral

What is ySense?

I will review why sense and explain to you exactly whether it’s worth your time .

how much can you really make and should you be spending your time on this website.

Now why ySense used to be called clicksence .

it is GPT website , which is basically get paid to take some sort of action

And then get paid

so they rebranded they’ve called themselves ySense.

 clicksense it’s actually a very very good GPT website .

so there are lots of hundreds of GPT websites out there some are better than others .

let me explain to you how it works and then you can decide whether or not you actually want to spend time on this kind of website

ySense  Review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from ySense  & my  strategy
ySense  Review 2020 how I make 100000 $ from ySense  & my  strategy 

this is the website of ySense .

there are multiple ways that you can actually make money here

and this is how this actually works  .

 you can take something called paid surveys

you can download cash offers , you can take some other and then you can refer people .

How does ySense make money?

there’s a few different ways that you can make money , first you create free account and you can create this account anywhere in the world.

After creating Ysense account the first thing that you can do is you can start to take surveys .


the way that the survey element of Ysense works is that they will send you surveys based on your demographics .

so unfortunately you don’t qualify for every single survey, you qualify for some surveys but not everything .

the most important thing is they don’t send you surveys every single day

they might send you survey once a week , once every two weeks , And they can even send you just once a month .

this all depends on your demographic .

which is unfortunately not that great

because even if you could fill out lots of surveys

you would make more money right but

but unfortunately you don’t get that many surveys

so you can’t make so much money from survey filling up  .

And second most important thing is you can make roughly about 50 cents to two dollars per survey that you fill out .

And it will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes to fill out the survey

Cash offer

offers is basically you’re getting paid to do various things like visiting websites

I’m downloading apps watching videos they give you a whole bunch of different ways that you can make money here

and there are some cash offers

Basically you have to give all your information all your information your personal details , your address all that stuff

And then you have to put in your credit card information as well .

Which is not good, as it can be dangerous because if someone gets your personal credit card number you can risk your bank account.

 that’s how cash offers work

And they have a whole bunch of partner companies that they work with that also provide you ways to get paid for offers here

the dealing keep in mind with what these offers is that you know

they’re doing this and they’re they’re paying you certain money

because they’re hoping that you will take some type of action

so like with Hulu here which we all know is a good company

they’re hoping that you’ll sign up and your stay sign up

why since basically does is they partner with companies like Hulu they’re basically an affiliate of Hulu all right

so let’s say Hulu is paying them thirty dollars to get you to sign up

and why ySense  it’s giving you $15

so they’re actually acting as the middleman and you’re getting paid like a portion of that

now I’ve always argued that this is why affiliate marketing is a great thing .

why would you want to be the middleman when you can sit there and be your own affiliate of Hulu

and promote other hulu other people and actually make the full 30 dollars instead of the fifteen dollars

and if you’re wondering well like you know shubham I don’t know how to do click here

you will learn everything how to do affiliate marketing .

how I made over a million dollars with affiliate marketing .

so this is what these guys are doing they’re making all this money being affiliates

and they just giving you a portion of it by having you try these things out

when you can actually be your an affiliate yourself

and get rid of the middleman so just keep that in mind

When and how will I get paid (Cashout)? – ySense

so why ySense now provides you all these different ways to cash out

whereas when it used to be click cents there wasn’t that many ways to cash out

but now you can cash out various ways so you can see here there’s an amazing Amazon gift card

here you’re going to see there’s other payment options as well the ones that are probably going to be important to all of us are PayPal

so anyone that has a PayPal account in most countries can use

PayPal if you can’t cash out with PayPal which I know a lot of my international sweet brothers and sisters

can’t , then pay in the air it’s another option 

that you can use and I believe there’s another one called Skrill here that you can use

so this is good opportunity because they give you so many different ways to cash out

how and when will you be paid

so it takes a couple of days for them to kind of process your payments if you’re using Payoneer PayPal or Skrill

ySense usually paid within five to seven business days now sometimes it may take longer

because with new accounts they really sit there and check out new accounts

because sometimes people do shady things

ySense FAQ

if you have additional questions about some of these ways to make money click here

there’s a question section here where you can read more information

I know a lot of you times you guys have questions and my best suggestion is that you could just click on the link

will bring you here to the FAQ’s and you can get all your questions & answered

ySense Hack

one of the first hacks that you’re going to want to do is download their browser

Add-on it’s totally free and basically

what it is is an extension that will be

in your browser that will let you know when there our new survey opportunities or offers or other things here

that can make you money

 the key here with doing well at ySense to be one of the first people to actually

do some of the different things that are offered especially

when it comes to like tasks and things where tasks come and go very very quickly

so you definitely want to make sure that you download this browser add-on

it’s totally free it will give you an edge in terms of knowing

when there are new survey and task opportunities available .

ysense referral

If someone sigh-up from your link to join ysense , and if he make money you will earn 30% from her earnings

You will also get eye catching banner you can use in your website to promote ysense and you can make extra cash .

How much you can earn from ySense ?

so it takes time it takes you know 15 minutes to 20 minutes to you know fill out all the information for each offer

and for every single offer that you fill out every action , that you take you earn roughly one cent

so yes it’s real money but it’s not that much real money okay and

then obviously they’ve got some different tasks that you can complete like you know watching ads getting involved in you know bonuses that sort of thing .

there’s lots of different little things that you can do and again figure eight tasks every time

you complete a task you get one cent as well .

yes it’s real money but it’s not that much money right and

you know ySense is just like any other good GPT website out there

it allows you to make a little bit of money

for the time that you spend on their website

but is it going to be mine change you know mind blowing life changing income no  not at all .

they don’t promise that at all okay so to

so to come online to GPT website just understand

that you could spend three or four hours a day on this website and

only make like one or two bucks per day

so you know in reality even if you’re investing four or five hours a day which is a lot of time by the way

that’s about a hundred and fifty five hours per month

you can only make roughly about a hundred and fifty maybe three hundred dollars a month that’s not much money

if you think about it that’s like a dollar a day , two dollars a day

it’s very very little income for the amount of money that you’re spending on the website

                                   Click here 

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