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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

ClickBank traffic method (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide


Lot's of the affiliate marketer is searching for a different platform to promote their affiliate product.

there are many ways to promote (Clickbank)affiliate products some are paid or free.

But this post is especially for beginners who not have money to spend on ads.

In this post, I am going to show you my personal, proven, free Facebook page affiliate marketing strategy.

So let's begin

But before I go in deep how this ClickBank traffic method  (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide  works 

I want to tell you that Facebook is the best platform to promote affiliate products.

because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

And with my Clickbank proven Facebook  page affiliate marketing strategy,

I am dam sure you will make at-least yes I said at-least 100 $ a day totally free ( if you take action ).

If you are beginner not having experience with affiliate marketing and not having money to spend on ads you can start using my method.

Also, don't worry I will show you step-by-step how this method work

ClickBank traffic method + Clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

ClickBank traffic method

First, we will create a Facebook page to promote affiliate products.

means we will promote our affiliate products using Facebook page

Don't worry i will show my secret hack how to get one  follower's in two day's. 

Facebook page secret proved, tested, trick, to increase 1000 followers in one day

we will use the power of the Facebook group to increase followers and likes.

first, come on the search and type your niche related keyword.

For example, let's take numerology.

after searching,  now join the group

so after joining Facebook groups and creating your Facebook page.

Facebook  page 

 Now upload an image on your Facebook page, 

this will not an ordinary image.

Here's my trick, to increase followers and likes.

(Tip use green colour or red colour for background) 

You want to upload a quiz image to your Facebook page.

my page is related to numerology, so I had created a Quiz image related to numerology

after uploading the image on the page 

then we will share this quiz image in Facebook groups.

and if you create an eye-catching quiz image, it will go viral and lot of people comment on it,  and easily in one day, you will get at-least 500 followers.

if you do it the right way

Facebook page SEO 

Tip one : your Facebook page name should be according to your niche.

This will help you to rank on Facebook search bar .

And gradually you will start getting organic traffic

Tip two : whenever you post anything on your page try to give keywords in your post description  also don't forget to give hashtag's .

Example if your niche is related to fitness : ,add keywords and hashtags related to fitness niche.

How Quiz image should be??

For example 

see above image Many members did not pay attention to this and gave wrong answers.

But some members paid attention and gave the correct answer.

This created confusion among the members.

This helps me because a lot of people will comment and like the post,  

and  you know, 

the more likes and comments mean Facebook will show my post to more people,

Now you can use this method in any niche, example health, numerology 

This is a proven method and my students are using this method and they have succeeded.

Here is the proof 

Proof 2 

ClickBank traffic method + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

this is the best way,  to promote affiliate products on Facebook and ,  to get quick success in affiliate marketing .

try this out , message me if you got success 

My proof  after using this ClickBank traffic method  (free 300 $ a day proof ) + clickbank affiliate marketing step by step guide 

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